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Why use WordPress to create your website?

wordpress websites

wordpress websites

Like many online businesses, I now make almost all my new sites using WordPress. The reason for this choice is that WordPress is so easy to use, has amazing flexibility and is totally free.

When I first started out making websites I built them in HTML using website programs like Adobe Dreamweaver. This was how web design was taught and how most websites were built until WordPress evolved from being a blog platform into being a full blow website content management and design system.

Creating websites in HTML, even with a good design program is not easy. Even as an IT teacher I found it a steep learning curve designing business sites using HTML. Get one bit of HTML code wrong and the whole site looks wrong and it can take ages to fix simple thing like the page border.

WordPress is easy

WordPress websites are incredibly easy to set up. There are great tutorials that show you how to set up a WordPress site quickly and easily. Setting up WordPress site is so simple that once you’ve watched a few basic tutorials you should be able to set up your site in under an hour.

WordPress sites are incredibly easy to maintain and to add content to. To add new content you can use the simple text editor within WordPress itself, or you can copy and paste text from Microsoft Word or another text editor. In the latest version of WordPress you can even add pictures by dragging them from your computer into the upload box in the section of your WordPress site that you are editing.

WordPress Themes

Great free and paid WordPress themes provide you with ready built website templates that you literally need to add content to in order to create fantastic looking websites. There are ready made themes for just about any website you can imagine. You can also change or customise these existing themes or even have a theme custom made to your exact specification.

WordPress plugins

Plug-ins are what make WordPress truly amazing. Plug-ins are basically software tools that increase the things that your website can do, or your website’s functionality.

For example a calendar plug-in would add a calendar to your website. A photo gallery plug-in adds a photo gallery to your site. Many of these plug-ins are totally free, and it’s perfectly possible to build an amazing WordPress site without buying any premium, or paid plug-ins. There are, however, premium plug-ins you can buy that further extend what you can do with your WordPress site.

WordPress and Search Engines

WordPress web design

WordPress web design

Google and other search engines love WordPress sites. The standard default WordPress installation includes features that help your site rank well in search engines. For example your WordPress site will automatically notify, or Ping, the search engines and directories every time that you publish new content on your site. In addition to the SEO features that come as standard with WordPress sites, there are also SEO plug-ins that if used correctly can further improve your ranking in the search engines.

Creating WordPress Websites

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