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Pinterest is the fastest-growing social media website in the world. Incredible as it seems the growth of Pinterest is even faster than that of Facebook. There are already 12 million users. For that reason alone Pinterest has to be of interest to us as Internet marketers.

 We need to be alert to fast moving new trends that arise in social media. The rapid growth of Pinterest provides exciting marketing opportunities. As is often the case, pioneers who are the first to spot and exploit the latest social media usually get the greatest benefit from it. If you are the first in your market to establish a presence in a new sharing site like Pinterest you will have a significant advantage over that those who arrive later.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest works like an online version of the pin board that you might have in an office or in your kitchen. You create themed boards based on anything that interest you. For example you might create a Pinterest board about travel. You might create a second Pinterest board about your favourite sports team. What you do then is simply add pictures to these boards as you’re browsing the Internet. For example, if you find a beautiful picture of a Balinese beach that you like you would simply add it, or pin it to your travel Pinterest board.

The most important feature of Pinterest is the sharing of these interest boards. Just like any other social media site you create a profile on Pinterest that allows you to share Pinterest boards and connect with other people. You simply organise and share your favourite pictures from all over the internet based on what interests you. The sharing part is the real power of Pinterest. Just like a Facebook share or a Twitter tweet can drive traffic to a website a popular interest board can also cause people to click through from photos to visit the websites that they came from.

How to join Pinterest

Pinterest is an invite only network. Right now it’s actually very easy to join Pinterest. To receive an invite all you need to do is to visit and complete a request invite form. You should then receive an invitation to join Pinterest within a few days. That could change however so I suggest you stake your claim to a Pinterest account right now.

How to use Pinterest

There are two ways to use Pinterest. Firstly by creating and using your own account, and secondly by getting your pictures displayed on other people’s Pin boards.

Creating your Pinterest account

The first way that you should use interest is by creating your Pinterest profile, just as you would for any other social network. You may wish to create a Pinterest account for your business as well as yourself as an individual.

Having created a Pinterest profile the next step is to add a short description about yourself and your interests. As with all social media I strongly suggest that you take the trouble to create a profile about yourself and actually engage as a member of the community. Unless you participate at least to some extent in the community you’re unlikely to really understand how the network works and how to use it properly.

Once you’ve established your Pinterest profile you need to create boards based on the markets that you are in. So if you have a dog training business you would create a board about dog training. You then need to pin pictures from around the web showing interesting pictures of dogs being trained. For example you might find humorous pictures where training has gone wrong, or a picture of a dog that has been taught to do something really amazing. Amongst these pictures you would include pictures from your site. These pictures automatically include links back to your site. When people visit your board and click on these pictures they are taken to your dog training site.

Getting other people to pin your pictures

Getting other Pinterest users to pin and share your pictures is probably even more important and effective than creating your own boards. If you can get your pictures on a popular Pinterest board then it can immediately be seen by thousands of people all of whom might potentially click through and visit your site.

What markets does Pinterest work for?

The demographics of Pinterest are predominantly young and female. Female oriented topics such as cooking and animals seem to feature and do very well. That is not to say that you cannot have success in other markets. To get you thinking, the most popular topics at the moment are women’s clothes, crafts, DIY and food and drink.

How to use Pinterest

A good tip is to try to find or create humorous or cute images that engage people and make them to want to share them. For example, if you have a business about computers you could use a picture of a cute baby using a computer. That image of a cute baby using a computer is much more likely to become part of someone’s Pinterest board than just a plain picture of a computer.

pinterest picture

pinterest picture

My second tip is to add a “pin-it” button above images on your site. This makes it really easy for a user to add your images to their Pinterest with just one click. Anything that makes it easier increases the chances that your images will be pinned.

Important social signals

Part of my Masters Degree in IT was about social media and I see the importance of social media sites growing and growing. Pinterest is one of the important social signals that search engines like Google are increasingly looking for. Getting links from Pinterest boards should be an important part of your web 2.0 link building strategy. My advice is to join Pinterest now and get pinning.


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