Social Media Secrets


Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are powerful and rapidly growing. As online business owners we need to harness the power of social media. But it is vital to understand how to use social media safely and effectively.

social media secrets

social media secrets

 # Participate

Actively participate in the community before you try to use a social network for your marketing. You wouldn’t dream of playing poker for money before you had spent time practising the game. In just the same way you need to use and understand social sites as a user BEFORE you attempt to use the site for marketing purposes.

# Know the code

All social media sites have different unwritten codes of conduct almost like secret societies or fraternities. What might be acceptable on one social media site may cause offence on another. Most of these sites use some form of social rating system. For example Facebook “Likes”. If you get a bad reputation on a site it’s almost impossible to get it back again. By participating in each community you will get to know how to use the site in your marketing without causing offence.

# Use the right site

Pick the right social media for your market. For example Pinterest, the fastest-growing social media site in the world has a mainly female user base. Some of the most popular topics at the moment on Pinterest are cookery and women’s clothing. If you’re in these or similar markets, you should be on Pinterest. If on the other hand your market is business to business, you must be on LinkedIn. By concentrating your efforts on the social media sites that most closely match your business you will maximise the returns on your efforts.

# Communicate

These sites are social sites, they are based on communication. Ironically most marketers don’t ever take the trouble to contact people with influence in the social media. Take the time to build relationships with key players in your market and you’ll be building a solid social media basis for your business.

For example, leave positive comments on popular Hubpages, Squidoo lenses and Pinboards. Send messages and build relationships with people in your market who have a large social media following. Once you’ve established relationships you will have people who know and like you. They will then be more likely to be prepared to help you, for example by giving a positive review to your product, or mentioning it to their fans.

# Warning – Don’t try to sell

This sounds like strange marketing advice, but social media sites are gathering places for friends. We don’t expect our friends to use us by trying to sell us things. In just the same way selling is generally scorned upon in social media. Marketing on social media sites must be disguised or very low key. It just isn’t acceptable to overtly try to sell or promote your product or service. Social media should generally be used to increase awareness and exposure to you and your business or brand rather than about direct sales. That doesn’t mean that social media isn’t vital to your business. I’ll besharing some great examples and case studies of how to use social media effectively in my newsletter and future blog posts. If customers are aware of your business through seeing references to it on social media sites they are much more likely to know and trust you. As a result they are much more likely to buy from you when they do visit your website.

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