Why You Should Create Your Own Information Product


An information product is simply something that provides information that people are prepared to pay for. Typical examples of information products are “How to” guides and home study courses. Almost everyone will have bought information products at some time and the market is huge.

information product creation

information product creation

One of the first things that I did when I started Internet marketing was to create my own products. The first product that my partner and I produced was an ebook on how to relieve shoulder pain. Years later that ebook is still on sale through ClickBank and we still make money from it every month.

Advantages of creating your own product

The first and most obvious advantage of creating your product is that you keep 100% of the profits. Keeping all the money from my sales was important. But this was not the only reason that I decided that I wanted to own the products that I was promoting.

The second reason for developing products was to be able to have something that other people could sell for us. We currently pay 50% commission to our affiliates who sell our ebooks. We get paid every time an affiliate sells one of our products. We are effectively getting paid for all the work that the affiliate has done to drive traffic to our sales page. Creating the product was something we had to do once but we are now getting paid over-and-over again for that work.

Building a reputation and establishing our online presence was the third reason that we wanted to have our own products. We want to become known and respected leaders in or markets and having our own product helps to establish reputation and credibility.

Another reason that we decided to create our own products was to be able to provide a product that I could be proud of and that would genuinely help people. It has been very rewarding and satisfying to receive e-mails from dozens of delighted customers who we have been able to help.

What information could you sell?

information products

information products

Find out what people want and provide it is a very simple and effective business formula.

Internet marketing is search driven. People type what they are looking for into Google or one of the other search engines. What they are searching for are solutions to problems. Our job as Internet marketers is to provide solutions to what people are searching for.

Everyone is searching for information about how to improve their lives. They may be looking for the best camera, or maybe searching to find out how to cure their shoulder pain. If you have knowledge about a particular topic or just have the passion to research the subject the chances are that you can sell the solution and make a profit. You could write an ebook about how to choose the right camera, how to do exercises to relieve shoulder pain, or a guide to playing guitar.

Disadvantages of product creation

It isn’t as difficult as it sounds to write an ebook for example and each of the steps in the process can be outsourced. Below I will give you tips on how to create your own product but you do have to research and write the report yourself. You have to turn your report into an ebook with appropriate graphics and layout. You need to write and test the sales copy for your ebook. Finally you need to set up a website to sell it.

Ebook creation tips

Probably the easiest product to create is a short report or ebook. (You can also create and study courses, DVDs, software and mobile phone apps.) The following tips apply specifically to writing and ebook.

  • Keep sentences short

Write in short sentences and use bullet points whenever possible. Many successful novels are written using very short sentences. Copying this successful writing style makes your product engaging and easy to read.

  •  Use space effectively

Use plenty of white space around your writing. This makes it much easier to read and make your content standout.

  • Titles sell books

Create a simple, benefit-led and impactful title. Use power words such as Free, How to and use numbers such as 101 ways. Describe the main benefits that you are offering. For example, “7 Secrets to Longer Life”. Your title should be attention grabbing and must generate curiosity. Most of us would like to live long and this title arouses curiosity and makes us wonder what the seven secrets are.

  •  ebook Covers

The old saying, “never judge a book by its cover” may be sound advice, but this isn’t something that book-buyers generally follow. Covers are very important to the sale of books in a bookstore and covers are just as important for ebooks. You need your ebook cover to be eye-catching. The cover needs an attention grabbing headline, good graphics and needs to look professional.

Using PLR

PLR stands for Public Label Rights. With PLR someone else has produced content. For a fee they give you the right to publish and sell work as if you had written it yourself. You can add your name and claim that you wrote it yourself.

Unless you are prepared to re-edit PLR to create your product, I would be very wary of using PLR. Firstly I would not be comfortable passing someone else’s work of as my own. Secondly the same PLR material is generally sold to lots of different people who will all be selling the same content as their own. They face competition selling product and it may damage your credibility later if people realise that you don’t actually create your products.

Public Domain Resources

My final tip for product creation is to consider using existing material that is out of copyright. This is material that is in the Public Domain, no one owns the copyright and anyone can use it. There is a real treasure trove of published books that are now out of copyright. That means that the original writer of the book is no longer entitled to royalties and material can be freely used and republished. Not all out of copyright books would be suitable for republishing today. Many of them would be out of date and no longer relevant. There are also key legal issues to be aware. There are however many topics which do not go out of date or which could be easily updated. For example cookery books, books about hobbies, time management, stress relief etc. the list just goes on and on.

Unlike PLR, there is simply so much public domain material that you are likely to be able to find something that nobody else is using. I think that public domain material can be used very effectively create your own information products. If you’re interested in further information about using public domain material I strongly recommend this public domain course. In this great course you will learn exactly how to use public domain content, click the link below for further information.

How to use Public Domain Content


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