Why Isn’t Your Site Making Money?


Why isn't your site making money?

Why isn't your site making money?

I frequently get asked to look at sites by website and blog owners and to see why they aren’t making money. I really understand the frustration of having built a site, having added great content, built back links and still not be making much money.

Often an experienced internet marketer can immediately see why a site is not making money. Finding someone with that experience to give you a website review is one way you might find out why your site isn’t making money. The problem is finding someone willing and able to review your site.

Another option is to ask for an open review on internet marketing forums and blogs like this one. These kinds of reviews can be very useful but usually involve drawing the attention of other internet marketers to your site. There is a very real danger that someone may see your site and simply copy it.

The third option is to pay someone to review your site. This has the advantage of not revealing your business on a blog or forum. The disadvantage is that an expert internet marketer would charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars for this type of consultation.

Unless you’re very lucky and find someone to review your website you really need to learn how to do it yourself. Read on and I’ll give you some great tips for reviewing your own site …

How to review your online business

Firstly you need to identify which part of your sales process isn’t working effectively. Work out which area is causing your biggest problem, then target that part of the process to improve first.

 There are basically four parts to an online business



Average sale price

Number of sales per customer


If you’re not getting enough traffic to your website it doesn’t matter how great your product is or how well your sales page converts.

Quite often when a good site isn’t getting much traffic the problem goes right back to keyword research. Keyword research is absolutely fundamental to the success of your site.

Problems here include picking a niche that is too broad and too competitive. For example, I have seen many new internet marketers trying to target the keyword “dieting”. Dieting is such a competitive niche that it is almost impossible to get organic traffic and prohibitively expensive to buy paid traffic.

The opposite problem is targeting a niche market where there is too little traffic. If there are only a few hundred global monthly searches for your keyword it is simply not going to get much traffic.

If you have chosen a niche that isn’t too competitive but does have enough traffic to be viable you should be able to increase your traffic relatively easily. Traffic will depend on several factors. These include:

Quality and quantity of the content on your site

Link building

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Paid Traffic

Social Media


To increase traffic you may need to add more content or build more links to it. Alternatively you may need to pay for traffic. In the case of a new site you may simply have to wait a few months for your site to gain credibility with the search engines.

Conversion rate

conversion rate

conversion rate

Your conversion rate makes a huge difference to your profit. If you increase your conversion rate from 1% to 2% you are doubling your income. A very small improvement in your conversion rate can produce a huge increase in profits so conversion is something that you must look at.

It is very difficult to say what an average conversion rate is. Conversion rates vary between niches and also depend on the quality of the traffic. For example if I send an e-mail offer to my existing customer list the conversion rate will be much higher than organic or paid traffic. The reason is traffic from my list already know me and are likely to trust my recommendation.

If your conversion rate is low the things you need to look at are the page design, content, how appropriate the offers are and how strong your call to action is. You also need to look at the price you are charging and the bonuses that you are offering.

Sale price

Your average sale price will depend largely on the market you’ve chosen and the product within the market that you focus on. By targeting high-value products you can dramatically increase your profits. For example if you’re selling a product with a $5 profit you’ve got to sell 20 items to make $100. If on the other hand you sell a product with $100 profit you only need to sell one item instead of 20 to make that hundred dollars.

Number of sales per customer

It is getting increasingly difficult to make a profit on the front end, or first product sale. Many marketers actually make a small loss to make a sale. They then make a profit by making further offers as up-sells or later as e-mail offers.

One of the biggest mistakes newcomers often make is making only one sale per customer. Unless you are offering up-sells on the initial purchase and are collecting e-mails and building a list for on-going marketing you will not maximise the number of sales per customer.

What to do if your site isn’t making enough money

Unfortunately if you got your keyword research wrong by targeting too competitive niche or a market with too little traffic you may have to start again in a new market. Keyword research is that critical, but is better to realise your mistake and start again rather than waste more time in a dead-end niche.

The good news is that provided you have picked a viable market there is a simple process for reviewing and improving your site

Review the four parts of your business outlined above

Identify the area that is causing the biggest problem

Work on improving that area if it can be improved

Then work on the next biggest problem

Of course it would be far better not to make mistakes in the first place. If you are new to internet marketing I suggest you copy a tried and trusted system or blueprint. I highly recommend the “Copy and Profit Blueprint” which I reviewed in this previous post Copy and Profit Blueprint Review

Link: Copy and Profit Blueprint

I hope this advice helps you to improve the profitability of your website. Do let me know in the comments box below if you have any questions, or if you need further help or if you have any tips to share.





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