Sports Niche Market

Sports Niche Market

Sports Niche Market

The London Olympic Games and Paralympics inspired me in so many ways. I was lucky enough to be in the Olympic stadium when Hussein Bolt won the 100 meters race. It was a truly inspiring moment.

One of the things that the Olympics also did was to make me look at opportunities in the sports niche market.

Probably the best advice you can have about choosing a niche market is to find something that people are irrationally passionate about. Sport is certainly something that many people are passionate about and also something that they are prepared to spend lots of money on.

Money in the Sports Niche

People travelled from all over the world to watch the London Olympics. Tickets for most events ranged from $30-$1000. It cost me over $400 to take my family to watch one Olympic event. I would happily have bought tickets to more events but they were all sold out. Some people paid over $1000 for a single ticket to one event. People spent many thousands of dollars in travel and accommodation to visit the London Olympics. Think of all the money spent on season tickets, sports equipment and clothing.


Clearly sport qualifies as an irrationally passionate market. But the major sports are also highly competitive markets. I do have friends making very good money in highly competitive sports markets such as golf. But these major sports markets are simply too competitive unless you have the experience and resources. One answer is to find smaller sports that are likely to be less competitive.

Sports niche opportunities

The Olympics opened my eyes to niche sport markets that I had never even heard of.

In Olympic cycling for example I’d never heard of the Keirin Race, or the Omnium race. Had you?

Cycling is a niche that is rapidly growing, and here are two sub niches that could have fantastic potential.

Other Olympic sports that caught my eye included Dressage, BMX and Rhythmic gymnastics. There are some fantastic opportunities here for a niche market business. For example you could start a site providing information and costumes for Rhythmic gymnastics, or about BMX techniques, tricks and bikes.

Unusual Olympic Sports


Synchronized swimming

Rhythmic gymnastics

Table tennis





Discontinued Olympic sports

There are a number of interesting sport that used to be Olympic events. For example Tug-of-war, Jeu de paume, Rope climbing and Roque.

Up and coming Sports

Roller skating and even Pole-dancing appeared in the search results when I looked at up and coming sports that might be considered as events for future Olympic Games.

Unusual Sports

The following is a list of less well known sports, any one of which could be the start of a great online business:

Ball badminton

Beach basketball



Clout archery

Deaf basketball


Field archery


Flight archery

Footbag net

Football tennis






Newcomb ball



Sepak takraw



Target archery


Water basketball

Wheelchair basketball

Sports Niche Market Action

I hope that this article has sparked your interest in the sports niche.

If it has your next step is to research and find a few niche sports that interest you.

Once you’ve identified the sports you’re interested look at the competition in those markets.

Then look at what products and services you could provide. This could range from equipment and uniforms to instructional guides or memorabilia. This should give you a solid basis on which to build your online sports business.

Please add your comments and questions below.

David Francis

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