Online Success Depends On Investing In Yourself


When I was a teacher the first thing one new head teacher did at my school was to ban staff from going on training courses during school time. He was new to being a Headteacher and this was the first school he was in charge of.

Invest in yourself

Invest in yourself

The logic of this head was that teachers shouldn’t take time away from teaching their classes to learn new skills.

That Headmaster did not last long and the school did not make much progress under his leadership. The school later got a new Headteacher who valued training and invested time and money sending her teachers on professional development courses.

Stephen Covey in his excellent book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” gives an example of two men sawing a huge log that is taking enormous effort to cut by hand. They are working tirelessly but are too busy to stop to sharpen the saw.

It is very tempting to just keep working without stepping back and making sure that you have the right tools and training to do the job effectively. Yes, stopping to sharpen the saw would have taken some time. But by investing that time sharpening the saw would have made the job far easier. It would have actually saved them time in the long run.

As a teacher I found that I had to keep learning myself.  I constantly invested in my training and development. I attended training courses every year to keep up-to-date with the latest teaching materials and techniques. I also completed an additional Education Certificate and did a part-time Masters degree.

Most companies invest in training their staff not for altruistic reasons, but because of the return on investment often called ROI. Companies spend money training their staff because better equipped and trained staff will make more money for their company.

Jim Rohn once said, “Work hard on your job, and you’ll earn a living. Work hard on yourself, and you’ll earn a fortune.” I have continued to invest in myself and my training since I started my online business. I treat my online business as a business. I continuously invest in learning new Internet marketing skills.

Free internet marketing training

You don’t necessarily have to invest much, if any money in your Internet marketing training at first but you will need to invest your time.

One of the great free ways to learn about Internet marketing is by attending free online training sessions or webinars. Two very successful online marketers who I know personally run some great free training webinars. To find out more just click the link below.

Link: Free online training

Internet Marketing Trial Offers

Trial offers can be a great way of trying new tools and training courses often for just a token payment. There are so many trail offer that I’ve now written an article highlighting some fantastic trial offers that you should take advantage of:

Link : Internet Marketing Trial Offers

If you’re relatively new to Internet marketing be ready to invest a very small amount of money in your training. I would highly recommend starting with the “Copy and Profit Blueprint”.  I wrote a full review in a previous post Copy and Profit Blueprint Review. Investing in a great course like this is a quick way to get started in online marketing that can really save time. For further details follow the link below.

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