Internet Marketing – Is Now The Time To Go Full-Time?


Internet Marketing - Is Now The Time To Go Full-Time?

Internet Marketing - Is Now The Time To Go Full-Time?

Internet marketing is an exciting opportunity. There are real opportunities to build an online business in a variety of ways. You can build a business as an affiliate selling other people’s products or you can create and market your own products. You can sell anything from e-book’s and DVDs right through to training courses and seminars. You can create mobile phone apps or games. You could publish Kindle books or you could set up a store on eBay. If you’re looking for a system that you can copy then I recommend “Copy and Profit Blueprint” which I reviewed in my earlier post “Copy and Profit Blueprint Review”

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The list of online business opportunities is almost limitless. Having decided to start your Internet business you may well be tempted to give up your existing job in order to work full-time on your online business. From my experience I would suggest that you think long and hard before you do this.

Time to give up the day job?

There are advantages to working full-time from the start on an Internet business. Perhaps the biggest advantage of starting to work full-time online is that you give all of your time and effort to your business. Next there is the sense of 100% commitment that comes from burning your bridges. But I think that for most people the risks are much greater than those advantages.

I was offered redundancy when the school I was teaching at closed so the choice to become a full-time Internet marketer was much easier for me because I had my redundancy money. But despite establishing several successful websites and having started to make money online, my redundancy money ran out before I was earning enough online to support my family.

I was lucky that I was able to find a job and went back to teaching while I continued to build my online business in my spare time. You might not be so lucky if you need to go back to your day job. I would always advise people not to leave their full-time job until they are already regularly earning money online.

Individual circumstances vary but I would suggest you wait if possible until you are earning at least 50% of your current wage or salary from your online business before committing to working full-time on your online business.

Advantages of starting your online business part-time

Starting Internet marketing part-time alongside your day job takes away the pressure of having to earn a full-time online income. Working on your business gives you the resources to invest training and tools for your business. Before I went back to Full-time work I had the constant pressure of trying to replace my salary and look after my family from my online income. When I went back to teaching I was in the happy position of earning my teaching salary, plus having all the extra money that I was making on line. I know which felt better.

Eventually my online business continued to develop and I was earning enough online to resign form my teaching post and work Full-time on my internet business.

I wish that I’d been able to start my internet business while I was still in a job the first time. From my experience, I’d suggest you start building your online business before giving up your day job.

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