How To Write Product Reviews That Sell

how to write product reviews that sell

how to write product reviews that sell

In my last article How To Make Quick Cash For Christmas I explained that creating a product review site was one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money online.

Setting up a review site using WordPress is really easy, but you do need to write great product reviews in order to make sales.

Picking the right product

Before you even think of writing a product review it’s vital that you research the products first. Amazon uses and 5 star product rating system. I always look for products with at least an Amazon 4.5 star rating. This way I know that I’m writing about and recommending only the best products and ones that are likely to sell well.

Don’t try to sell

The most important thing about writing product reviews is actually not to sell at all.

To be effective your product review must not be written as a sales pitch. People looking for product reviews want information and unbiased advice. If they arrive on your site and see a sales page thinly disguised as a review they will leave instantly.

On the other hand if you provide a genuine product review that focuses on the features and benefits of the product you are halfway to making a sale. Once you have outlined features and benefits of the product you need to add actual users’ feedback as social proof.

How to find product information and user feedback for your product reviews

Amazon is a fantastic source of all the basic information that you need to write your product reviews.

Simply read the full product description on the Amazon website and rewrite it in your own words. This takes time and can be outsourced but it is important to make your review original so that you have unique content on your site. Make sure you include all the basic details such as price, make, model, and guarantee.

When you write your description concentrate on the benefits for the customer. For example it might be the quickest, lightest, strongest or best value product of its type.

The product may save the user time or money. It may give them hours of pleasure or be something that will occupy their children for hours on end. Think about all the possible benefits and uses of the product and include them in your product description.

The final and most important part of a successful review is to include ratings and feedback from users. Feedback from other users is vital social proof that the product is worth buying. I include the Amazon rating in my review along with a few brief comments and short quotes from Amazon customers.

I also include any limitations drawbacks about the product to give all round and unbiased review but because I’ve picked top-rated products these tend to be very minor.

product reviews that sellConverting a visitor into a buyer

My final tip for making your product review sell is to finish your review with a gentle call to action. For example end your review with, “If product X is right for you can buy it by clicking the link below.”

If you have provided a valuable review you have earned the right to ask the reader to use your link when they decide to buy.

If you help them make their buying decision you will find that many visitors are quite happy to click your link to buy the product. This is especially true if you’re using a clearly identified Amazon link and they were already thinking of buying from Amazon.

Your Action Steps

  • Setup a WordPress site
  • Research a 4.5 star product on Amazon
  • Write a benefit focused product review and then keep adding new reviews

Do let me know how you get on in the comments section below, and don’t forget to claim you free guide by entering your email address above.

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