How To Make Quick Cash For Christmas

How to Make Cash for Christmas

My son meeting Father Christmas at the North Pole

One of the most common questions that I get asked is, “How do I get started making money online”.

So how can you make extra money for Christmas if you are just starting online?

One of the quickest and easiest ways to earn money online is through creating a “review website”. The picture here by the way is of my youngest son meeting the real Santa at his home in Lapland, a moment I’ll never forget.

A review website is simply a site where you provide reviews of products and services. Your reviews pre-sell the item. You put your affiliate link in the review and if someone clicks on your link and buys then you get paid a commission. It’s really easy to setup a review site using WordPress even if you have little or no experience.

Review sites are a great way to generate income because you’re targeting buyers. People who read reviews are generally looking to buy a product, otherwise they wouldn’t be interested in a product review. They are looking for more information about the product before buying. And this information is what you give them right before they click your affiliate link and buy the product.

The easiest way to create a review site is to link to Amazon because it is so easy to set up an Amazon affiliate account and Amazon takes care of the whole process of taking the order and sending out the product.

If you’re just staring out selling online an Amazon affiliate store is a great way to start and right now, just before Christmas is the perfect time to start.

A high quality review site does take some effort, because you need to actually write the reviews and create the site but this is a great way to make some cash for Christmas.

How to make extra money for Christmas if you already have a listCash for Christmas

Unless you’re selling physical products the holiday seasons are usually seen as bad for online sales. Everyone says information products sell particularly badly over Christmas.

If you already have a list it’s actually easy to earn extra money at Christmas. As long as you don’t listen to what “everyone says” there’s no reason why you can’t make some very useful money over Christmas.

Why you can make money from your list at Christmas

The holiday season, Christmas, New Year and the January sales give you 3 great reasons to mail to your list with special offers.

Your offer can be a discount or added bonuses. It has to be a good offer, but the main point is you are giving a good reason why you’re making the offer.

Create your special offer and mail it as a Christmas special. You can follow up with a New Year Resolution offer and a January Sales offer. All of these are very credible reasons why you are making a special offer. It makes an “event” out of your marketing and that’s one reason why holiday offers work so well.

The other reason that holiday offers work is that people are often on holiday and actually have time to read your offer! I think the final reason why holiday offers work so well for me is that most marketers don’t mail over holidays so you have much less competition.

Another great thing about seasonal offers is that you can send the same offer again next year, and each year after that.

This really works, I’ve even had ebook sales on Christmas Day!

Copy and Profit by Christmas

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to copy a successful system. The Copy and Profit Blueprint gives you the exact plan, or blueprint that you need to follow to make money online. Whether you are just starting online or already have an online business you need to get hold of these blueprints to online profit.

Link: ==> Copy and Profit Blueprint


Your Action Steps

If you don’t have a list – Create an Amazon Review site

If you have a list – Prepare a series of Holiday Special Offers to mail to your list

Grab The Copy and Profit Blueprint

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