How to Avoid Common Internet Marketing Mistakes


You don’t have to learn by your mistakes. Having taught for a number of years I’ve had to watch my pupils making mistakes that they never needed to have made.

Avoid common internet marketing mistakes

Avoid common internet marketing mistakes

I’m not saying that you should carry on making the same mistake time after time. Rather that learning by your mistakes is a very slow and painful way to learn anything.

I was lucky enough to attend a four-day workshop with the motivational speaker Tony Robbins. The workshop was very expensive but worth the investment. I took away many memorable lessons from the training including a sense of empowerment after walking across burning coals that I will never forget.

Another thing that I will never forget was the advice that Robbins gave about how to master any activity. His advice was to find someone who is already an expert at whatever you want to achieve and simply copy what they have done. For example if you want to become a great chef you need to find a great chef and copy what they do. I applied Tony Robins’ advice when I started learning internet marketing.

The only problem with this advice is that finding an expert who is both willing and able to teach internet marketing is not that easy. I travelled to seminar after seminar and spent thousands of dollars on internet marketing training. I remember attending one two-day workshop with an Internet marketing leader that involved a 6000 mile round trip. That marketer had taken 1 million dollars sales in 24 hours and the training was well worth the trip. Not all of my time and money was well spent but without that investment I would not be a full-time internet marketer today.

I have three sons and as a parent I’m constantly trying to stop them making mistakes. I want to stop them from making mistakes that I made myself and other mistakes that I can see them about to make. In just the same way I hope that the training and advice I can provide here will help you avoid mistakes and succeed in your online business.

Internet marketing mistakes to avoid

Chasing the latest ideainternet marketing mistakes

Probably the biggest single mistake is to keep chasing the latest fad or new idea. I call this the new bright shiny object syndrome. The Internet is changing and there are fantastic the opportunities and new ways to make money online. The danger is that by constantly chasing each of these new ideas you fail to actually achieve anything.

Doing too much and completing nothing

Don’t try to do too many things at once. It is better spending a whole year if necessary building one website that is fully complete and profitable, rather than starting a new website every month but end up at the end of the year with 12 unfinished sites making little or no money. Once you have mastered all it takes to make one website successful you simply need to rinse and repeat to create another profitable site.

Don’t think of internet marketing as a get rich quick scheme

An online business is exactly that. It is a business. You need to be prepared to work and invest in your online business in order to be successful, just as you would in an off-line business. You will need to put time into establishing a business, especially in the beginning. You will need to invest in the tools of the business like website hosting, buying domain names, and paying for autoresponder systems. In order to learn internet marketing the right way you will need to invest in yourself and your training. Without the right training and the right tools you are very unlikely to succeed. The good news is that many of the tools and training courses offer special trail offers. Click the link below to find out about some of the best internet marketing trial offers.

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Not managing time effectively

Poor time management and lack of effectve organisation are the reason why many people fail at many thisngs in life. Internet marketing is no exception. To succeed at your online business you need to be organised and plan how to use your time effectively. This is critical, but  isn’t actually that difficult and I have some great strategies that I share in my free newsletter.

Don’t give up

If you do have to learn the hard way by making mistakes I hope that you will persist and succeed in the end. Remember the only real failure is giving up or failing to try in the first place. Do enter your email address in the box on this page now so that I can send you my free report and share my online experience and knowledge with you.

David Francis

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