Google EMD Update and Future of Exact Match Domains

Google EMD Update and The Future of Exact Match Domains

Google EMD Update and The Future of Exact Match Domains

Following hard on the heels of the Google Penguin and Panda updates the latest Google slap is the EMD update targeting Exact Match Domains.

It’s all part of Google’s intense drive to purge the search engine results of sites that are getting artificially high rankings.

In my last article Google Disavow Links the Death of SEO? I issued an important warning about what I see as a dangerous Google trap.

This latest Google update targets Exact Match Domains such as VegetarianQuiche.com. EMD sites are ones where the domain name or URL is the exact or very close match to the keyword targeted. In this example the keyword “vegetarian quiche” is the exact match of the domain name.

Until this latest EMD update an exact match domain name, especially a dot Com domain gave your site an automatic boost in the search engine rankings.

What’s happened with EMD update is that “thin” or low quality sites, often with just two or three content pages have suddenly found their rankings crash.

Yet again there is much wailing and tearing of hair on the Internet marketing forums. People have seen their EMD sites freefall out of the search engine results. Online blogs and forums have been alive with complaints about the impact of the EMD update.

This isn’t the first Google update and it won’t be the last. In fact the pace and severity of these Google updates seem to be increasing. So I think it’s important to learn some lessons from this and other recent Google updates. And there is some good news as well….some EMD sites have actually seen an increase in their SERPs.

Lessons to be learned from Google updates

#1 Even where loopholes exist you’re usually too late

Yes loopholes do exist and some people profit from. But in general loopholes close too quickly for most people to profit from.

By the time you buy training about the latest loophole or get rich quick trick the game is almost certainly over.

Think about this for a moment….All the time the loophole works the chances are whoever discovered it will keep quiet about it….this makes sense doesn’t it??

When a loophole is found it is taken advantage of by the people who discovered it. It’s common sense really. Why would you want to tell everyone else where this goldmine was and spend time teaching other people how they could grab the gold? You’d be too busy grabbing itself wouldn’t you?

Many of the gurus in fact only start teaching about a loophole they found when it’s stopped working and it’s too late to be of real use. (I know this from bitter experience having spent $2000 on a scheme that stopped working just after I bought it.)

#2 This isn’t the death of Exact Match Domains

Just as I don’t think Google disavow tool will be the death of SEO, the EMD update does not mean that exact match domain names won’t be important in the future.

Domain names like mortgage.com are always going to be valuable and tend to rank well BUT only if they have good relevant content.

#3 Quality counts

The EMD sites that have suffered dramatic falls in search engine position are mainly poor quality sites. The EMD update hasn’t affected high quality sites.

Many high quality EMD sites have seen an increase in their Search Engine position. So the lesson here is that EMD sites still work, but now more than ever the content and links need to be high quality.

What the EMD update probably does sound the death of are 2-10 page sites that should never have high rankings in the first place.

Quality links to your site are now more improtant than ever. See my recent article for Some Simple Ways To Get Links to Your Site.

#4 Why even try to Game Google?

My gut feeling has always been that it simply isn’t worth trying to beat or “game” Google with tricks or loopholes. This is probably the most important leeson to learn from the Google updates and slaps.

My youngest son often picks fights with his older brother. I never understand why. He is just 9 years old and his brother is 17. My nine year old is never going to win a fight with his big brother. So why does he even try?

The problem with loopholes is that they do tend to get closed. Google is actually very clever and sooner or later they catch on and take action.

Trying to “beat” Google is acting like my 9 year old. I can only wish you good luck if you’re trying to build a business based on tricking Google because you just not going win in the long run.

Instead I recommend following a tried and tested blueprint approach to building an online business on solid foundations. Click the link below for full details:

==> Copy and Profit Blueprint

David Francis

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