Google Disavow Links the Death of SEO?


Google has just released “Disavow Links”. This is Google’s latest weapon against search engine optimised sites. It’s no secret that Google are targeting site that they consider to be using SEO to improve the position of their site in the search results.

They have done so in the guise of providing a free tool to help you disassociate your site from “bad” links.

What is Disavow Links?

Following the recent Google Penguin and Panda updates, “bad” links, that is links from sites like blog networks can actually harm your site’s search engine result, or SERPs.

The basic idea with Disavow Links is that you tell Google about dodgy links to your site that you want to be ignored. The option is now live in your Google Webmaster tools, but do read on before you even think of using it.using Google disavow links

Beware Google bearing gifts

There will be lots written about this new tool over the coming weeks, but my advice is to beware Google bearing SEO gifts. I warned months ago about the dangers of using Google Analytics and recommended alternatives to using Google Analytics.

I am warning also issuing a warning against using Google’s Disavow Links. To me asking Google to ignore bad links to your site is like putting your hand up and admitting your guilt. I really wouldn’t count on Google ranking your site highly as a result. I think it is far more likely that your site will suffer a sharp Google slap, but it is worth listening to the video below where Matt Cutts from Google explains the thinking behind the disavow tool

Google’s Matt Cutts explains the disavow tool

You really need to listen to this, but do remember my warning!

The Death of SEO?

The Death of SEO has been predicted before and no doubt many people will see Disavow Links as finally ringing the death knell for SEO.

Disavow Links may well be the death of spam based SEO techniques like blog farms. If it is the case then frankly it’s a good thing in the long run, especially for people who produce valuable quality content.

It may be co-incidence, but I noticed one of my own content sites saw a massive jump in traffic yesterday. It’s a site with really great content that I’ve created in the health niche. I sell from the site, but I think I also provide excellent free information and great content. It is much better for the user and much better for ethical online businesses if quality sites like this rank highly in the search results.

SEO Impact of Disavow Links

Links are still going to be an important part of how sites are ranked in the search results. But the tool will help Google identify blog networks and link farms. Links from these sources and other SEO systems that essentially try to trick Google are doomed.

What’s vitally important now more than ever is that those links come from sites with high quality relevant content.

It’s going to be no use, and may well harm your site if you have thousands of links from spun or irrelevant content.

What should you do about Disavow Links?

Don’t panic. This isn’t the first time that the death of SEO has been announced and it won’t be the last.

Solid online business systems like Copy and Profit Blueprint still work.

Your Action steps

Most importantly don’t submit ANY Disavow Links

Continue creating links from relevant content on quality sites. See my previous article on Easy Ways To Get Links to Your Site for tips on how to build quality links

Social media signals are likely to become even more important. Checkout this source of real social votes that you can get for free

Link: SocialAdr

Do please help me spread the word about this because I don’t see why people should be penalised for building links. Under the old SEO rules that was just what you had to do to get ranked.

It’s still early days, but I think there’s also a real danger that this tool could be used by competitors to sabotage a site. I think Google may have made a huge mistake here. Let me know in the comments below what you think about the Google disavow tool.

David Francis

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