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domain registration

domain registration

What’s in a name? Well when it comes to domains the answer is everything! Your domain name has a direct impact on your site’s authority, search engine ranking, traffic, customers….and your profit.

For domain names in most markets getting your keywords in the domain is vital. There are some exceptions to this rule, for example if you want to brand your business with your own name, rather than business related keywords. Think carefully before you decide to brand your business with your name though. What happens if you eventually want to sell your business? Would Richard Branson have managed to sell his company if he had called it instead of ?

Another important thing to think about when choosing a domain name is how limiting the name is going to be in the future as your business grows. For example you might have a physiotherapy related business, as I do. Choosing a domain name with the keywords “shoulder pain” might be great for your site about shoulder pain, but the shoulder pain domain will not very useful if you want to promote other physiotherapy related products later, for example back pain products.

What to do when YourBusiness.Com is taken?

Getting the .com version of your chosen domain name may be very difficult because so many .com domain names have already been registered. If someone else already owns the domain you want you could offer to buy it off them. Buying the .com domain name you want off the existing owner may be one option to consider, but the domain name may well be either prohibitively expensive or just not for sale. You may be better of using the extra money you would have spent on developing and marketing your site on a brand new domain.

Alternative domain name extensions

When creating a website in a new niche I choose .com first, followed in order of preference by .net, .org and .co. The .co domain is actually intended for businesses based in, or targeting Colombia. However, .co is increasingly being used as an alternative to .com. The important thing to note with .co domains is to set geo-targeting to worldwide or to your target market in Google Webmaster tools. This is my domain name in choice in rank order:





Alternative domain names

If your exact keyword domain name is unavailable you may need to consider using what I call stop words. These are words that go before or after your keyword. This greatly increases your chances of being able to register a new domain rather than having to buy an existing one.

For example I have a shoulder pain website, but unsurprisingly was unavailable. Instead I registered This domain matched exactly what our site was about, exercises to relieve shoulder pain. It contained our primary keyword, “shoulder pain” and has been very successful.

The following is a list of general stop words that you can try using before or after your keyword:domain names






Using these stop words in your domain name should greatly increase your chances of being able to register a domain with your keyword in the name.

Clearly an exact match .com domain is the ideal. All other factors being equal an exact .com domain will outrank other sites. This advantage however can be overcome by the quality of content on your site and by building high-quality links to your site.

Where to register domain names

Registering a domain .com name for a year typically costs as little as $10. Registering a domain is also very easy, but choosing the company that you use to register your domain is actually very important. You need a domain registration company that’s both cheap and reliable. Having heard the problems that other people have had with other companies, there are only two domain registration companies that I use and they are Godaddy and Namecheap. Both of these companies are highly recommended but do watch out for the endless up-sells with Godaddy. I would especially avoid the offer from either company to add web site hosting to your domain registration. I always recommend that you avoid hosting a website with the same company you register your domains with. Firstly because I like to keep domain registration and web hosting separate. That way in the unlikely event that I have problems with my hosting company I can simply switch my domain name to be hosted with a different web hosting company. Secondly I believe you can get better web hosting at a cheaper price from a dedicated hosting company like Hostgator which is the company that I use for my web hosting.




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