Billboard Mindset Websites

Billboard Mindset Websites

Billboard Mindset Websites

Some people seem to insist on doing things the hard way. This week I was asked to review and number of websites at an Internet marketing meeting in London. None of the sites had grasped the importance of having a Billboard Mindset.

One striking things about most of the sites was that it wasn’t immediately clear what the sites were about. This was even true of one site that was advertising web design services! The site had fancy flash graphics, lots of images and buttons. It also had a domain name that had no association with web design. It was impossible to work out what the purpose of the site was without asking the website owner!

If a visitor to your website can’t see what your site is about and how it is relevant to them they will leave your site within 3 to 5 seconds. Internet users instantly click away from sites that don’t immediately grab their attention. If that happens not only are you losing customers, you will also get a low “bounce rate” score with Google that will damage your position in the seach engine results.

In business we’re repeatedly told that you have to be able to explain your business concept in the time it takes to travel a couple of floors in an elevator. The so-called “elevator pitch”. In Internet marketing you don’t even have the luxury of that “elevator pitch” time. You need to adopt an online business mindset that reflects the rapid speed at which users evaluate websites.

When designing your online business website you need to have a billboard mindset. Your webpage has to be designed like an advertising billboard. It has to grab the visitor’s attention and instantly convey your most important information. Copywriting is a vital skill that you need to develop in order to succeed online.

It may help to think of your website as a paid advert. If you were putting an ad in the telephone directory what information would you pay to display? That’s exactly the information that you should have near the top of your homepage and certainly “above the fold”.

For example if you were advertising a local business you would certainly include the telephone number in your advert. But I wonder if you have your business telephone number at the top of your website? If you run a local business it should be. Even if you run an international business you will find that having a prominent phone number helps to give your website credibility and will improve conversion rates.

The other information you need on your billboard website is a clear message about what you offer and what the benefits of your products or services are.

For example if your site is a about dog barking, your headline should be something like, “Stop Your Dog Barking in Seven Days”. Straightaway a visitor to your site who has a dog barking problem knows that they are on a site that is relevant to their needs.

Next you need to include short specific information that explains the benefits of what you are offering. It also really helps if you have a relevant domain name. Usually the exact match domain name will be already taken. But with some thought you should be able to register a domain that includes your main keywords. For example StopDogBarking.com is already registered, but you might be able to register StopDogBarkingGuide.com or StopYourDogBarking.com.

Look at your site with your new Billboard Mindset. View your site as someone looking at for the first time for just a few seconds. Writing great sales copy is vital to the success of your online business. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Does the page grab your attention?
  • Is it crystal clear what your site is about?
  • Is the most important information near the top of the page?
  • Have you personalised the site with your photo and signature?

Is your site a Billboard Mindset Website? If not, I suggest thet you go and change it right now. Also, think about copying from already successful online businesses, rather than learning by trial and error. If you are new to internet marketing, or still not making an online income I highly recommend the “Copy and Profit Blueprint” by two very successful British internet marketing experts.  For a full review see my previous post –  Copy and Profit Blueprint Review. Investing in a great training course is a quick and easy way to get started in online marketing that can really save time. For further details click the link below.

Link: Full details about the Copy And Profit Blueprint

David Francis


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