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How to Write Great Articles

One of the biggest hurdles that most people have to overcome when they start an online business is the fear of writing. We all know that great content is the key to a successful website. The problem is writing that great content.

Why most of us don’t want to write

For many people their last experience of writing anything longer than a letter may well have been when they were at school. And I doubt that many of us really enjoyed writing at school.

As a result of our experiences of writing at school we may well feel reluctant to write the content that we need to make our website successful.

We may feel that we lack the ability to write well enough for an online audience. It is only natural to worry about what people think about us. To write makes us vulnerable to what other people may think and say about us. A second fear about writing is that we just don’t know enough about the subject. We may feel that we are just not enough of an expert to be able to write about the topic.

Overcoming our fear of writing

Both of these fears about writing are unfounded. As an English teacher I have very rarely found a child, much less an adult who is truly unable to write. The barrier is usually the fear of writing rather than actually being unable to write.

Writing is just talking

Very few people would say that they can’t talk and writing is really just talking that is put down on paper. Like most things good writing technique comes with practice. I think it was Nick Faldo, the golfer, who once said, “It’s funny but the more I practice the luckier I get”. The same is true with writing, the more you write the better your writing becomes. The most important thing is to overcome your fear of writing and just get started. Your writing will improve with practice.

“I’m not an expert”

You don’t need to be an expert to be able to write about a subject. Not immediately knowing enough about the topic can also be easily overcome.

Firstly almost everybody is an expert on something. If there is a topic such as gardening, photography, or DIY where people turn to you for advice this is clearly an area where other people regard you as an expert. You may be surprised by just how much you know about topics that interest you. So you may already have the expertise you need to write about topics you’re interested in. But even if you don’t have that knowledge, or if you are writing about topics that you don’t know about you can still easily write about them.

The trick to writing about any topic is research. For example I know nothing about beekeeping. I have a cousin who keeps bees and I was fascinated recently when she opened up a hive to show me the inner workings of a bee colony. If I decided to write about beekeeping I would need to research and read several articles about beekeeping first.

Having done my research I would write a list of the key points involved in successful beekeeping. This list would be the structure for my article.

Once I’d arranged the list in a logical order I would use each of the key points as paragraphs for my beekeeping article. Clearly the ideas for my article will come from the

writing articles

writing articles on the beach

other articles that I have read. But as long as I write my article in my own words and don’t copy anybody else’s work word for word then what I’ve written is unique and my own writing. One great thing about writing is that you can write where you like….even by the beach!

Start with what you know

Okay, so the most important thing about writing your blog posts is to actually get writing and doing the research. Probably the easiest way to start writing is to write about something that you know about already, or that you have an interest in. This is a great place to start because you will find it easier at first to write about something you know or interests you. You will quickly find that you can move on to writing on any topic.

Many people are successful in markets that they know nothing about either because they research and write about the topic themselves, or because they find someone else to do the writing for them. I cover outsourcing in more detail in my newsletter where I share my experiences and where I find my writers.

Outsourcing writing or writing yourself?

Clearly outsourcing the writing of content for your website has significant advantages. You don’t have to worry about being able to write or about not being an expert. Paying someone else to write for you also saves you time that you can spend developing your business or enjoying more free time.

There are however disadvantages to outsourcing the content of your website. When you are starting an online business you may not have the money to be able to pay somebody else to write for you. Secondly I like to write the content of my Internet marketing websites myself because I’m passionate about online marketing and I want to share my personal knowledge. I also want my websites to reflect me as a person. I want my websites to be unique and personal and have my voice, rather than be written by others.

I never outsource writing emails to my newsletter list because I want to build a personal relationship with my members. People join a membership list because they want to solve a problem, but they stay because you provide great information and then like and trust you.

Writing website content conclusion

Don’t be afraid of writing content for your website – just get started and write. For your main passion site or sites I suggest writing the content yourself. But this is not essential, I have a friend who’s a very successful Internet marketing who outsources all the articles for her sites because she is dyslexic. Not being able to write is a disadvantage but not one that can’t be overcome.

Final tips

Not all the content for your website needs to be written. In fact I strongly recommend that you vary the content of your site. The web is increasingly moving towards video and I suggest that wherever possible you use video your site. I cover the use of video in more detail elsewhere on the site and in my newsletters, but you don’t need to make the video yourself. Alongside video, photo’s or other images are vital success of your site.

The old saying that, ”a picture is worth thousand words” holds true when it comes to creating content to your website. Well chosen and relevant pictures reduces the amount of writing that you need to produce to make your articles successful.

Guest blogging is another great tip. You simply find writers who are experts in your niche and get them to write unique content for your site. Usually you will find expert writers more than happy to write guest articles for you for free in exchange for a link back from the article to their site.




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