Alternatives to Google Analytics


In my last post about 7 Important Google Update Action Points I explained why you should stop using Google Analytics.

Alternatives to Google Analytics

Alternatives to Google Analytics

In the light of the recent Google Panda in Google Penguin updates I and several other Internet marketers have written blog posts suggesting that it might be wise to stop using Google analytics and Google Webmaster tools.

These Google tools are free but that doesn’t mean that they don’t come at a price. That price is that we are providing Google with a vast amount of data about our sites.

Both of these tools are very powerful and useful but there is a growing feeling that perhaps as Internet marketers it is not wise to be actually advertising exactly what you’re doing on our sites.

It is important to remember that even if we are not doing anything that we consider to be wrong, Google might not see it that way. Google does not regard any kind of link building favourably. What Google would like to see is all links to sites being created naturally by people who just happen to seek the content and create links to it. There now seems to be evidence that Google is not only looking for sites that have links deliberately built to them but is also penalising and even the de-indexing such sites.

Google can probably get most of the information about our sites whether or not we install Google Analytics and Webmaster tools. But my attitude is that if there’s a chance Google will use information from these tools against us in any way we are simply better off not installing them on our sites.

Link: 7 Important Google Update Action Points

We still need the traffic data about our sites that we have been relying on Google to provide and the good news is that there are some great alternative tools available.

If you have already got Google analytic tools installed on your sites I would suggest that you export all the data and then consider removing Google analytics. If you have had Google analytics installed for some time you may not want to lose that valuable data so do take the trouble to export it. But I would still consider taking Google analytics off your sites.

If you have not already installed any analytics tools on your sites the case for avoiding using Google is even stronger. The good news is that some of the alternatives are actually free. The only drawback with the free versions is that they are often limited in some way, or you have to host them on your server.

One of these limitations is often in how much data about your site is stored. For example they may only keep three month’s data in the free version. Once you’ve chosen the analytic tool you prefer it may well be worth paying the relatively small amount for the full version, but do try the free version first to see which tool you prefer.

List of alternatives to Google Analytics









Alternatives to Google Analytics – Conclusion

From my research and testing so far I think that Piwik is probably the best tool that is completely free.

Piwik is open source so it will remain free. It is also self-hosted, which does mean that you have to install it on your own server. It is also not as fully featured as the best paid services, for example it doesn’t accurately track bounce rates.

Link: Try Piwik here

Cicky offers a limited one-site trial so you can try it to see if it’s worth upgrading to the paid version.

If you’re prepared to pay a relatively small amount to upgrade to the paid version, Clicky is easier to use than Piwik and is more fully featured. A 10 site licence costs $9.99 a month or just $59.95 for a whole year.

Link: Try Clicky here

Give one of these alternatives to Google Analytics try. Do let me know in the comments section below which of the services you decide to try and what you results are.

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