3 Great Free Graphics Tools

free graphics tools

free graphics tools

As an IT teacher used to using professional graphics tools like Photoshop I am absolutely amazed with features that you can get now using free tools.

If you are starting your Internet business on a limited budget I always recommend trying to use free or low cost tools to keep your costs as low as possible. Some online business expenses like hosting and domain registration are unavoidable, but fortunately image editing is one area where you can save money. The following three tools are completely free and will really help you edit and resize images, create professional headlines and share images.

Free Image editing software

The graphics editor Gimp has to be my top free graphics tool tip. Gimp is a fully featured image editing program that you can download and use for free. This is not a time-limited trial, or a “lite” version with limited options. Gimp gives you all the tools you need to edit photos and other images.

You can get your free copy of Gimp by clicking the link below.

Link: Gimp

Internet marketing image creation

My next free tool allows you to quickly and easily create some of the most common graphics that we need as Internet marketers. Free Graphics Creator is an online tool that you don’t even have to download. Instead you just create headline graphics, buy-now buttons or guarantee boxes and save the finished image to your computer. Currently there are four graphic creation tools available. These are:

• Headline Creator

• Buy Now Creator

• Guarantee Creator

• Add to cart Creator

The site has simple tutorials to you exactly what you have to do. Basically you just select the graphic that you want to create and choose options like font size and color. You then add or edit the text and within minutes you will have professional looking graphics.

Link: Free Graphics Creator

Screen capture and sharing

My final tip is a website that allows you to highlight all or part of your screen and save it as a webpage that you can easily share. Gyazo allows you to save whatever you highlight on your screen as an online image.

There are endless uses for this greatly program, but it is particlurly useful when you are working on images with someone else like a designer. For example you might want to show your designer changes you want to make to an image like a logo. Normally this would involve saving the image as a file, attaching the file to an e-mail and sending it to the other person.

With Gyazo you simply highlight the image on your screen and send the URL link to it. The time that this tool saves can really add up. Do try it – I think you’ll love it

Link: Gyazo

Do let me know if the comments below if you find these tools useful. For more great tools and  tips and please sign up for my newsletter by entering your email address in the box on this page.

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