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Copy and Profit Blueprint Review

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Copy and Profit BlueprintI have known the authors of Copy & Profit Blueprint, Neil Stafford and Neil Travers since 2007. I’ve also been a paid member of their Internet marketing membership site, The Internet Marketing Review ever since.

Apart from my web hosting company and my autoresponder service this is the only monthly service that I have paid for throughout that time.

I have bought many Internet marketing products and joined several other paid membership sites over the years but the Internet Marketing Review is the only membership that I have consistently continued to pay for.

At the time of writing there is a Special Trail Offer available of the Internet Marketing Review – go grab it now from the link below:

Link: Internet Marketing Review Trial Offer

I have benefited from Neil and Neil’s advice over the years since starting my Internet marketing business and still rely on their advice. I have bought The Copy & Profit Blueprint and other courses from them and have never been disappointed.

Copy & Profit Blueprint Contents

The course consists of three main Modules or “Blueprints”.


Copy and Profit Blueprint module 1Blueprint #1

The first blueprint shows you exactly how to create and market your own information product.


Creating your own product may seem a little daunting at first but it really isn’t that hard. Especially if you create short lazer targeted reports, which they show you how to do.

One of the first things I realised when I started my online business was how important it is to own your own product. This blueprint tells exactly how to get started and create your first product and I only wish that I had had this report before I started to create my first product.


Copy and Profit Blueprint module 1Blueprint #2

The next blueprint teaches you how to build an opt-in list of buyers and potential buyers.

Everyone will tell you how important list building is. You probably constantly hear sayings like, “the money is in the list”. The Neils tell you how to actually build that list.


Copy and Profit Blueprint module 1Blueprint #3

The third blueprint teaches you how to drive traffic to your site and how to turn that traffic into sales and profits.


This gives you the third leg of the intenet marketing stool.

The three blueprints combined show you…

  • How to create and market your own information product
  • How to drive traffic
  • How to build a list

This is a very solid foundation upon which to build your internet business.  You are getting the full benefit of the authors years of internet marketing experience handed to you on a plate.

I think that you be hard-pressed to find a better value set of Internet marketing blueprints that you can simply copy and profit from.

I don’t want to give away any of the secrets in Copy & Profit Blueprint, but some of the strategies were new even to me. For example, they suggest giving away the greater percentage of your profits in order to make more money….which makes sense when they explain it.

Implementing just one idea like this from one of the blueprints could easily make you far more money than the whole package costs.

Copy and Profit Blueprint BonusesCopy and Profit Blueprint bonuses

Another thing I really like is that at the time of writing there are actually 8 Bonuses that you get along with your Blueprints.

Finally they offer an unconditional 45 day moneyback guarantee.

If for any reason in that time, you feel that Copy & Profit Blueprint isn’t right for you can simply send an e-mail and your money will be returned immediately. You have 45 day to test and implement everything they teach without any risk.

No Unrealistic Promises

Neil and Neil don’t make unrealistic promises about how much money you will earn by following their advice. Frankly your success will depend largely on how much work you do.

What I can say is that the Neils know what they’re talking about. They have a large Internet business outside of the Internet marketing niche. Just one of their websites, Junior Soccer Coach is a significant business in its own right. They also have their own product in markets as diverse as cooking and pet care.

Copy & Profit Blueprint Conclusion

I was  a High School teacher for 20 years. When you are looking for someone to teach you I always say that you should look for someone who actually does what they teach.

Far too many Internet marketing “experts” actually make more money teaching Internet marketing that they do from actually selling in other markets.

The authors of Copy & Profit Blueprint practice what they preach. They make money selling online and have done for years. I highly recommend that you get hold of Copy & Profit Blueprint and copy what they teach.

Click the link below to find out more about the Blueprints and how they can help your online business.

>> Copy & Profit Blueprint <<

David Francis

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