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3 Simple Ways to Spy on Your Competition

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These three techniques are incredibly simple, but very effective. It always surprises me how many people don’t actually bother to study what their competitors are doing. The best thing is that you really don’t need to use expensive tools like KeywordSpy to be able to spy on your competition.

You wouldn’t open a restaurant without doing market research. You would look at existing restaurants, at their menus, themes and advertising. Internet marketing is just like any other business, the better your research the higher your chance of success.

Your competitors may well have spent several years and thousands of dollars perfecting their advertising, landing pages and keywords. You can benefit from their effort, research and expense.

There are paid tools that you can use to do this research but the following three methods are simple and free.

Spy on your competitors’ ads

Advertising on Google can be very expensive. If your competitor has a long-running ad on Google the chances are that they have invested time and money testing and improving that ad. So the first thing you should do when starting a new project is to research the ads that appear when you you’re your main keyword into Google.

The trick here is to perform the same search every day for between 7 and 14 days. Take screenshots or make a note of the ads that keep appearing in the top four positions. If an ad only appears on one or two days the chances are it isn’t a very good ad. On the other hand ads that appear regularly are likely to be very successful.

You now have a list of highly effective ads that you can adapt and use in your own advertisings, sales copy and also in the Meta description of your site (This is the description or text that appears next your website name when it appears in the search engine results.)

Spy on your competitors’ landing pages

Just like Google ads, your competitors have labored long and hard to create the sales copy on their landing page or homepage. Look at the homepage of the top four websites in both the paid and organic search engine results. These eight pages will provide you with a very valuable insight into your market.

Studying these pages will enable you to very quickly identify the benefits and features that you need to focus on. You also have eight good examples of sales copy to help you write your own landing page and offers. Taking the trouble to do this research really is vital, but time after time I’m shocked to discover that people just don’t bother.

Spy on your competitors’ keywords

Having found the top webpages in your market it is usually very easy to view their keywords. The method you use to view your competitors’ keywords varies slightly depending on which Internet browser you are using. I will show you how to do this using Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Providing that the site has written in HTML it is simply a matter of viewing the page source HTML code and reading the keyword list. This doesn’t work for some sites, such as those written in Java script, so just ignore those for the time being.

spy on your competitor's keywords

Spy on your competitor’s keywords

How to spy on your competitors keywords using Firefox

To see your competitors keywords using Firefox you simply have to right click on the webpage and select “View Source”.

This will display the html code of the webpage and near the top of the page you should be able to see the keyword list that the site is targeting. If not just right click again and search the page for “keywords”.

Spy on your competition using Firefox

Spy on your competition using Firefox


How to spy on your competitors keywords using Internet Explorer

In the top toolbar select “View”. From the drop-down menu that appears select “Source”. Again you see or right click and search for the keywords that the site is targeting.

spy on your competition using Internet Explorer

Spy on your competition using Internet Explorer

Please let me know if these tips were helpful to you in the comment section below.

Do use these simple tips, they will really help your online business succeed. For more great tips and advice do sign up now for my newsletter by entering your best email address in the box provided.

David Francis

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Billboard Mindset Websites



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Billboard Mindset Websites

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Billboard Mindset Websites

Billboard Mindset Websites

Some people seem to insist on doing things the hard way. This week I was asked to review and number of websites at an Internet marketing meeting in London. None of the sites had grasped the importance of having a Billboard Mindset.

One striking things about most of the sites was that it wasn’t immediately clear what the sites were about. This was even true of one site that was advertising web design services! The site had fancy flash graphics, lots of images and buttons. It also had a domain name that had no association with web design. It was impossible to work out what the purpose of the site was without asking the website owner!

If a visitor to your website can’t see what your site is about and how it is relevant to them they will leave your site within 3 to 5 seconds. Internet users instantly click away from sites that don’t immediately grab their attention. If that happens not only are you losing customers, you will also get a low “bounce rate” score with Google that will damage your position in the seach engine results.

In business we’re repeatedly told that you have to be able to explain your business concept in the time it takes to travel a couple of floors in an elevator. The so-called “elevator pitch”. In Internet marketing you don’t even have the luxury of that “elevator pitch” time. You need to adopt an online business mindset that reflects the rapid speed at which users evaluate websites.

When designing your online business website you need to have a billboard mindset. Your webpage has to be designed like an advertising billboard. It has to grab the visitor’s attention and instantly convey your most important information. Copywriting is a vital skill that you need to develop in order to succeed online.

It may help to think of your website as a paid advert. If you were putting an ad in the telephone directory what information would you pay to display? That’s exactly the information that you should have near the top of your homepage and certainly “above the fold”.

For example if you were advertising a local business you would certainly include the telephone number in your advert. But I wonder if you have your business telephone number at the top of your website? If you run a local business it should be. Even if you run an international business you will find that having a prominent phone number helps to give your website credibility and will improve conversion rates.

The other information you need on your billboard website is a clear message about what you offer and what the benefits of your products or services are.

For example if your site is a about dog barking, your headline should be something like, “Stop Your Dog Barking in Seven Days”. Straightaway a visitor to your site who has a dog barking problem knows that they are on a site that is relevant to their needs.

Next you need to include short specific information that explains the benefits of what you are offering. It also really helps if you have a relevant domain name. Usually the exact match domain name will be already taken. But with some thought you should be able to register a domain that includes your main keywords. For example is already registered, but you might be able to register or

Look at your site with your new Billboard Mindset. View your site as someone looking at for the first time for just a few seconds. Writing great sales copy is vital to the success of your online business. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Does the page grab your attention?
  • Is it crystal clear what your site is about?
  • Is the most important information near the top of the page?
  • Have you personalised the site with your photo and signature?

Is your site a Billboard Mindset Website? If not, I suggest thet you go and change it right now. Also, think about copying from already successful online businesses, rather than learning by trial and error. If you are new to internet marketing, or still not making an online income I highly recommend the “Copy and Profit Blueprint” by two very successful British internet marketing experts.  For a full review see my previous post –  Copy and Profit Blueprint Review. Investing in a great training course is a quick and easy way to get started in online marketing that can really save time. For further details click the link below.

Link: Full details about the Copy And Profit Blueprint

David Francis

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Why You Should Learn Copywriting

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Copywriting is not about writing, it is about selling. Copywriting is salesmanship in print form.

Why you should learn Copywriting

Why you should learn Copywriting

The cost of hiring a copywriter is a very good reason for taking the trouble to learn to do it yourself. Because copywriting is such an important and specialised skill, hiring a really good copywriter can be very expensive.

It is not unusual for copywriters to charge several thousand dollars or more to write one sales letter. I have even heard of a single sales letter costing more than $25,000. Because good copywriting is so expensive this is one area of Internet marketing that you should probably learn to do yourself rather than pay someone else to do it for you.

Another reason to learn to write your own sales copy is that nobody else knows your market like you do. Nor can somebody else write with your distinctive voice. Your own personality, who you are and what you stand for is very important in establishing rapport and trust with your customers.

I would strongly advise you to spend time learning how to write your own sales messages. This includes your sales letters, e-mails to your list and also the content of your website. Even if you end up outsourcing copywriting and content creation you still need to be able to evaluate that copy to ensure that the work you’re having done for you is effective. Also, no matter how good a copywriter you hire you’ll probably still want to edit and test new versions of that copy yourself.

How to write great sales copy

Learning how to write great sales copy can’t be taught in one article, but the following tips from my experience should set you in the right direction. If you want to learn more about how to write great copy I will be reviewing some great copywriting courses. In order to write great sales copy you need to understand the key features of a sales letter and their roles. The objective of each part of the sales letter is to keep your prospective customer reading.

Your headline must grab attention and get your reader to carry on and read the subheading. The subheading must build on that interest and gets your prospect to read the first paragraph of your sales copy. That first paragraph must persuade the reader to continue on to read the next paragraph and so on throughout your sales letter.

Your sales letter will only work if people actually read it. It is no good keeping your best points and key features until the end of the sales letter. This is not like story writing where you build suspense and save the best bit for the ending. You need to put the best things and key benefits of your product at the start of your sales letter. Unless you do that people may never get to the end of your letter and discover that actually you have just the product that they need.

The basic structure of the sales letter is as follows:

  • Here’s what I’ve got
  • This is what it will do for you
  • Here’s what I want you to do


Sales headlines

Headlines are the most important feature in sales copy. I’ve read claims with good sales headlines can outperform a bad headline by as much as 2000%. That could be the difference between sales of $1000 a month, or $20,000 a month.

Because headlines and the subheading is so important, these are the features of your sales copy that you need to spend the most time on and that you should test first. Changing the wording of your headline or even the headline color or font style can make a huge difference to your conversion rate.

Your sales copy body

What you say in the main part, or body of your copy must prove what you have said in your headline. Make your sales copy easy to read. Say it simply. Use powerful words and sentences. Be careful about using too many pretty graphics. You do not want to distract the reader from the message. Use testimonials to prove your claims. Aim to over-deliver on your promises and where possible offer relevant bonuses.

Your readers attitude

Always think about your reader. When you’re writing sales copy imagine what you would feel if you were reading it. Remember that writing sales copy is not about you it is about them. Your prospective customer wants to know what’s in it for them? What would your product do for them? They need to know why they should believe and trust you.

Asking for the sale

The final part of the sales letter is the call to action. This is usually to click on the buy button, but it may also be to fill in an opt-in form to join your mailing list. The truth is that most of us are uncomfortable selling. We don’t like asking people to buy. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed about asking for the sale. If you know that you have a great product you are actually doing your customer a favor by encouraging them to buy so that they can have the benfits that your product delivers.

My final tip is to offer a guarantee.

It’s very likely that your prospective customer doesn’t know you. Despite the best sales copy in the world one of the biggest barriers that you have to overcome is trust. Offering a guarantee can overcome that hurdle. If you offer a moneyback guarantee you’re taking away the risk or even reversing the risk. If you offer a believable moneyback guarantee you will usually find that your sales increase significantly. Provided that you are offering a great product you will usually find that very few people ever ask for their money back.



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