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How To Write Product Reviews That Sell

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how to write product reviews that sell

how to write product reviews that sell

In my last article How To Make Quick Cash For Christmas I explained that creating a product review site was one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money online.

Setting up a review site using WordPress is really easy, but you do need to write great product reviews in order to make sales.

Picking the right product

Before you even think of writing a product review it’s vital that you research the products first. Amazon uses and 5 star product rating system. I always look for products with at least an Amazon 4.5 star rating. This way I know that I’m writing about and recommending only the best products and ones that are likely to sell well.

Don’t try to sell

The most important thing about writing product reviews is actually not to sell at all.

To be effective your product review must not be written as a sales pitch. People looking for product reviews want information and unbiased advice. If they arrive on your site and see a sales page thinly disguised as a review they will leave instantly.

On the other hand if you provide a genuine product review that focuses on the features and benefits of the product you are halfway to making a sale. Once you have outlined features and benefits of the product you need to add actual users’ feedback as social proof.

How to find product information and user feedback for your product reviews

Amazon is a fantastic source of all the basic information that you need to write your product reviews.

Simply read the full product description on the Amazon website and rewrite it in your own words. This takes time and can be outsourced but it is important to make your review original so that you have unique content on your site. Make sure you include all the basic details such as price, make, model, and guarantee.

When you write your description concentrate on the benefits for the customer. For example it might be the quickest, lightest, strongest or best value product of its type.

The product may save the user time or money. It may give them hours of pleasure or be something that will occupy their children for hours on end. Think about all the possible benefits and uses of the product and include them in your product description.

The final and most important part of a successful review is to include ratings and feedback from users. Feedback from other users is vital social proof that the product is worth buying. I include the Amazon rating in my review along with a few brief comments and short quotes from Amazon customers.

I also include any limitations drawbacks about the product to give all round and unbiased review but because I’ve picked top-rated products these tend to be very minor.

product reviews that sellConverting a visitor into a buyer

My final tip for making your product review sell is to finish your review with a gentle call to action. For example end your review with, “If product X is right for you can buy it by clicking the link below.”

If you have provided a valuable review you have earned the right to ask the reader to use your link when they decide to buy.

If you help them make their buying decision you will find that many visitors are quite happy to click your link to buy the product. This is especially true if you’re using a clearly identified Amazon link and they were already thinking of buying from Amazon.

Your Action Steps

  • Setup a WordPress site
  • Research a 4.5 star product on Amazon
  • Write a benefit focused product review and then keep adding new reviews

Do let me know how you get on in the comments section below, and don’t forget to claim you free guide by entering your email address above.

Kind Regards

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How To Get Free Traffic By Guest Blogging

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guest blogging

guest blogging

Guest blogging is simply where you write an article to appear on someone else’s website. This is a win-win situation because the site owner gets fresh content and you get exposure on someone else’s blog and you get a link back to your site.

Guest blogging is great for getting free traffic and high quality links AND it is actually recommended by Google

This is what Matt Cutts from Google has to say about guest blogging:

Guest blogging the Right Way

There’s a right way and a wrong way to write as a guest blogger.

The wrong way is to write as many low quality guest blog posts on as many blogs as possible to get the maximum number of links back to your site.

The title of this article should give you a clue to what’s wrong with this quantity not quality approach.

You do get links from guest blog posts, but you are looking for high quality links and more importantly  – free traffic. Your primary goal should be to get traffic from your guest blog posts, not just links.

You need to write high quality unique articles for two reasons. Firstly sites with high Page Rank and high visitor numbers are not going to publish second-rate content. Secondly even if you manage to get low quality articles published the articles are not going to be interesting enough to make readers want to visit your site to learn more from you.

High quality guest posts on high PR sites = free quality traffic to your site

How to fnd Blogs to write for

Search engines to find blogs

You can find blogs by searching for your keyword and “blog”. So you could just type in “Dog training blog” into Google and then contact the site owners.

#1 Blog Search Tip

A regular search will throw up sites that don’t want to have guest posts. If you add “submit guest post” or “write for us” to your search query you will be much more likely to find blogs that are actively looking for guest writers. Remember to use the quotation marks.

In our dog training example the search would be:

Dog training blog “submit guest post”

Dog training blog “write for us”

Blog directories to find blogs

There are blog directories that list blogs by category.

Searching the major blog directories is an easy way to find blogs in your niche.

These are some of the main blog directories for you to use:


The problem with Guest blogging

The biggest problem with guest blogging is the time and effort it takes. Searching for Guest blogs that will accept your articles and then contacting them all is very time consuming. It usually involves back and forth emails to make the necessary arrangements. This is why most people don’t bother guest blogging, it’s just too much effort.

Fortunately there is a much easier way to guest blog….

The easy way to find Guest Blogs

There’s a free site that connects sites that want content to publish with guest bloggers.

This is completely different to article directories because your article only appears on one website.

This short video explains the easy way to get guest blog posts published. Basically you write and submit a unique article and site owners compete to publish your work. You simply chose the best offer and your article gets published on that site.

Your Action Steps

Visit and submit a guest post for publication.

Signup to recieve more great tips and my free report by entering your eamil address in the form above.

David Francis

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Selling with Stories

Selling with Stories

I’ve just this minute got back from reading The Twits by Roald Dahl to my youngest son’s class.

I’m an ex-high school teacher so it was a wonderful experience watching the children’s delighted faces as I read the story.

I think even the teacher enjoyed listening because when the class begged me to continue she readily agreed.

Everyone enjoys a story but your probably wondering…………………….

What have stories got to do with selling?

I guess we all enjoy a good story but what’s that got to do with selling you might ask?

I used to get asked the same question when I told stories in the IT and Business Studies lessons I taught.

One of the stories I told was about the fact that it wouldn’t be worth Bill Gates’ time to bend over and pick up $100 bill. The reason being that he made so much money he would earn more than $100 in the time it took him to bend down and pick it up.

Pupils always found it hard to believe that anyone could be earning as much as hundred dollars in a few seconds. There would always listen intently to the story but would sometimes ask, “What’s that got to do with the IT Sir?”

The point I was making was how important working hard is and about the rewards that success can bring. The message always sunk in and pupils would mention the story weeks later.

Telling the story to my son’s class today made me think about the new car I’ve just bought. It’s the third new car that I bought from the same salesperson.

Why have I now gone back three times to buy a car from the same salesman? I actually looked in several car showrooms at the same make and model. I’d even been offered a better price at another dealership. So why did I come back to the same garage?

Good Salesmen Don’t Sell

Paul, the salesman that I bought the car from hadn’t really sold me the car. What he had done was built a relationship with me and establishes trust. He actually spent more time showing me pictures of his family that he did selling the features of the car. He told me stories and I enjoyed listening.

When I bought the car I knew far more about Paul’s wife, three children and his new grandchild than I did about the car. I’d seen pictures on his phone of all of them. I know Paul’s waiting for a minor operation and I actually want to know that it is successful. I care about my car salesman.

I’m not sure whether Paul does it deliberately or not, but he is a very successful salesman because he tells stories. He personally sold 30 cars last month. I know that he loves his dad and takes his oldest son to football matches. In short I know like and trust Paul despite having only met him four or five times.

I’ve written a letter to the car dealership thanking them for the great service I received. I’ve become a raving fan of the garage. Not only have I now come back three times to buy a new car, I’ve also recommended the showroom to friends. The business has made 3 car sales and received my glowing recommendations as a result of the relationship and trust established through stories.

As a teacher we’re not trained to tell stories. At teacher training college we learn how to teach our subject and how to organise and manage a class. Not once was I told that I should be telling stories to engage pupils. It’s just something that most teachers do instinctively. Funnily enough a recent study has shown that the most effective teachers rely heavily on telling stories.

Selling online has changed

Long form sales letters are simply not working as well as they used to. I can see that in the niche markets that I work in. In most niche markets the conversion rate from sales letters are falling. Most internet marketers are moving to video sales letters because video allows you to bond with your audience by telling your story. Through video customers get to know you what you stand for very quickly.

Stop trying to sell

I think the important message is that we need to move away from shouting about our product and saying, “Buy Now, Buy, Buy”

Think about your first dateSellig with Stories - Why Good Salesmen Don't Sell

If you think about it it’s a bit like asking a girl to marry on your first date. Most girls would be put off, and probably a bit scared if you asked them to marry you when you first meet. Unless you look like Brad Pitt I think most girls would run a mile if you tried to get them to marry you on the first date.

If we don’t expect a girl to marry us straightaway why do we expect a brand new visitor to our site to buy from us? The customer has only just landed on your site and you are trying to force your product down their throat. Is it really surprising that it doesn’t work?

The advantage of video

There’s a saying that most decisions in life are made in 30 seconds.

You certainly don’t have longer than that to grab your online customer’s attention. The average first-time visitor to your site actually decides whether to stay or not in less than six seconds.

Video lets you tell your story and capture the interest of loyalty of customers in the way that you just don’t get chance to do with a sales letter.

Your story

Your site needs to establish your credibility. To do this you need to tell your customer who you are and what you stand for.

The best way to do this is by telling your story. We all have a story. Mine is about my family, my teaching career and my passion for teaching others how to build an online business.

This site probably won’t appeal to you if you want to “get rich quick”. My last post way actually called The Myth of the 4 Hour Workweek. That title alone should put you off if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme or “magic button money” as I call it.  If you expect to make money without working hard I doubt you would even have read this far…I would have put you off in my first paragraph…it’s not who I am and it’s not who I’m ever going to appeal to.

You need to decide who your ideal customer is. You need to decide what you stand for. You communicate to that to your ideal customer.

Your Action Steps

1)      Write down “Your Story”. We all have several stories and I’ll cover this in more detail later. But make a start now. Who are you? What do you stand for? Why should people do business with you?

2)      Record your first marketing video. Your first attempt won’t be perfect…..don’t worry about that….I’ve been making videos for 20 years and they’re still not perfect. Just get started and they will get better and better.

If you need help creating your video do read How to Create Hi-tech Sales Video on a Low Dollar Budget. For a great course on marketing with video I highly recommend Online Video Champ

Link: ==> Online Video Champ


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What’s In It For Me Marketing?

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What’s In It For Me Marketing?

What’s In It For Me Marketing?

To have a successful online business you need to very quickly demonstrate what a visitor is going to gain from being on your site.

As I showed my last post, Billboard Mindset Websites, users decide in a matter of seconds whether a particular site is worth spending time on or not. They want to know, “What’s In It For Me?”

We have to show our visitors and potential customers exactly how they will benefit from our website and products/services. The better we are able to serve their needs the more successful our business will be. Everything we do throughout our business has to be about providing service and value.

How we demonstrate “What’s In It For Me?” changes as visitor’s progress through the sales process.

What’s In It For Me on your website?

Firstly we have to grab attention and explain benefits. The best way to show new visitors “what’s in it for them” is by telling them immediately what your site is about and how it can help them.

What’s In It For Me to join your list?

Secondly we need to give them reason to join our mailing list. You need to provide an incentive to get them to enter their email address. Usually the most effective way to do this is to offer a high quality free report. This is an ethical bribe. You’re giving away something of value in return for their e-mail address.

What’s In It For Me to read your free report?

Unless you’re free report is well presented and of real value your new customer won’t actually read your report and discover why they should do business with you. It is also very likely that they will unsubscribe from your list unless they find the report useful. To tempt you to join my list I’m currently giving away a great report about Making Money online, so do sign up to get it.

What’s In It For Me if I buy your product?

Your product needs to offer real value. The way to demonstrate value is in comparison with other products. For example a health care product might save on expensive medical bills. Another way to demonstrate value is to offer carefully related bonuses.

What’s In It For Me if I take your upsell?

Once a customer has bought the initial product from you is an ideal time to offer them another product or service. For example if you’re selling a course on how to set up a WordPress website you might offer coaching or provide ready-made websites as an upsell. The key to success with upsell is to make the offer closely related to the original purchase and to give a compelling reason why it is so useful. For example providing coaching would dramatically speed up the process of studying and implementing a WordPress course. Providing a ready-made website takes that even further because you would actually be doing the work for them.

Your online marketing has to answer these questions:

• What’s In It For Me on your website?

• What’s In It For Me to join your list?

• What’s In It For Me to read your free report?

• What’s In It For Me if I buy your product?

• What’s In It For Me if I take your upsell?

Your Action Steps

If you can provide compelling answers to these questions you have an effective online marketing strategy and will be well on the road to online business success.
Sit down and write out a list of benefits or “what’s in it” for your customer at each stage of your business process.

Don’t forget to claim your Making Money Online report by entering your email address in the box provided. I’ve also added a link below to my article about some great Internet Marketing Trial Offers that let you try out some of the best tools and training.

David Francis

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How to Improve Your Website Loading Speed

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website loading speed

website loading speed

Website load time is the time it takes for your webpage to appear on the user’s screen. Usually websites load so quickly that we don’t even notice the slight time it takes.

Why is website loading time important?

Internet users are generally very impatient. Even a slight delay in a webpage loading reduces the quality of user experience. So increasing the speed at which your site loads improves the site for the user. The better the user experience the better your site is likely to do. So this is one reason that website load time is important.

Another reason why you need to look at page loading speed is Google. Google now includes page load speed in website page rank. In other words if your webpage loads quickly you will be rewarded with a higher search engine result. If two websites are identical in all other respects but one is faster, the faster website will rank higher in Google search results.

File type and size

Large files, especially graphics and videos take longer to load. Flash animation files can also slow a website’s performance. Avoiding the use of flash and reducing file size can significantly increase the speed of your website.

Image size and type

Using low resolution JPEG pictures can dramatically reduce picture file size and increase website loading speed. Images can easily be edited in simple picture editing programs such as “Paint” or “Picassa”.

Video hosting

Hosting your videos on another site such as YouTube or Amazon S3 again increases your site speed because the videos are being stored on superfast cloud based web servers.

WordPress plug-ins to increase speed

Two Great Free WordPress plug-ins that I use to increase website speed are Smushit plug-in and W3 Total Cache.


Smushit is a great plug-in that optimises and reduces the size of images on your WordPress site. Images can be processed individually or done in one batch which makes the process very simple.

Link: Smushit Plugin

W3 Total Cache

At its simplest caching means storing, just like a squirrel stores nuts ready for the winter. A shop might store frequently sold items near the till instead of having to go to the stock room to get them. W3 Total Cache works in a similar way, keeping a store of your website resources so they can be accessed quickly. Total Cache requires a few minutes to setup, but the effort is well worth it. I rate W3 Total Cache as the best cache plugin there.

Link: W3 Total Cache Plugin

How to test page load speed

You can’t just test how long your site takes to load on your computer because of browser caching.

Your computer will already have files from your site stored in the cache so it will load much faster than the site would for a first time visitor.

You could go through the process of clearing your cache, but fortunately there are much easier ways to check your sites speed.

Google developer page speed tool

Simply paste in your URL and the Google page speed tool analyses the page to check which elements of your page are slow and produces a report.

Link: Google Page Speed Tool


The aptly named Yslow is the Yahoo equivalent of the Google page speed tool and works in much the same way.

Link: Yslow


Another useful tool is Pingdom because this also has the option to visualise the results

Link: Pingdom

Do sign up for my free report and more great tips by entering your email address in the box on this page. Ask any questions that you have about page load speed in the comments section below.

David Francis

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6 Simple Ways To Get Links to Your Site

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In this post I will show you 6 tips for getting more links to your website or blog.

Building high-quality links to your site has always been important. Following the recent Google updates quality links are now even more important than ever. The days when you could throw a bunch of low quality links at your site and rank well are over.

Ways to get links to your site

Ways to get links to your site


Why is link building important?

Building incoming links to your site is vital for three reasons. These are search engine results, traffic and authority.

Search engines results

Incoming links to your site are one of the important signals that search engines like Google use to rank websites. You need lots of high quality links to your site in order to appear on the first page of the search engine results.


Links to your site are not only important for search engine page rank. Links can also bring traffic directly to your site. For example I recently left a link to one of my sites in comments that I made on a forum and as a result over 1000 people have so far followed that link and visited my website.


Creating links help to establish authority and credibility. The more times that people see links to your site on other websites the more authority your site will have.

1. Article Submission

Submitting articles to article directories like is still an effective way of building links to your website. Articles that you submit to article directories are then republished on other websites especially if your articles are well written. The more times that your article is republished the more back links you will receive. The important things are to create compelling articles that get used and include an author resource box so that that the reader can click the link through to your site.

2. Guest blogging

Many sites welcome articles from other writers or guest bloggers as they are often called. In return for providing the site with a unique and well written article you get a link back from the article to your site. The key is to provide an article to another site in your niche or market as this will provide a permanent relevant link back to your site. This is just the sort of high quality link that you need.

3. Social Bookmarking

Social signals, like the number of times people bookmark your site, are increasingly important for website ranking. There are a whole range of sites like Digg and StumbleUpon where users bookmark the site they like. You can create accounts with these sites and then bookmark pages on your website or blog.

Social bookmarking is rather tedious and boring. Setting up accounts with all the bookmarking sites is particularly time-consuming. Fortunately you can find people on who will create accounts at all these sites for you for as little as five dollars.

You can use semi-automated services like to speed up the bookmarking process but you must also make sure to bookmark general sites as well as your own to make the bookmarking appear natural.

To avoid just bookmarking my own sites I use SocialAdr is free to join. You bookmark sites and in return other people bookmark your site. You get real bookmarks and other social signals like Facebook “likes” from real people all over the world. There is also a paid option that I use where you simply pay for bookmarks without having to do any yourself in return.

Link: SocialAdr

4. Forum posting

As I mentioned you can get both links and traffic from posting comments and replies in forums related to your niche. The trick is to provide relevant and valuable information. For example provide a genuine answer to someone’s question with a link to a relevant article on your site. Many forums also allow you to leave a link in the signature box that appears below each post that you make.

5. and

Create your own sites on and Both of these sites are free and all you need to do is to create small sites related to your market. Post a few relevant articles each with links back to your main site.

6. YouTube

Many people avoid using YouTube because they are reluctant to create a video. I would urge you to start using YouTube for backlinks and traffic. Putting even a very basic video up on YouTube creates a link from YouTube to your site. Just remember to include a link to your site in the video description. I left this tip until last, but it is really simple to do when you know how. You really can make video for YouTube on a very tight budget, see my post for full details. If you would like to learn more about creating video for YouTube I recommend a very down-to-earth and practical course called Online Video Champ training by a fellow Brit, Neil Travers.

Link: Online Video Champ


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Why Isn’t Your Site Making Money?

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Why isn't your site making money?

Why isn't your site making money?

I frequently get asked to look at sites by website and blog owners and to see why they aren’t making money. I really understand the frustration of having built a site, having added great content, built back links and still not be making much money.

Often an experienced internet marketer can immediately see why a site is not making money. Finding someone with that experience to give you a website review is one way you might find out why your site isn’t making money. The problem is finding someone willing and able to review your site.

Another option is to ask for an open review on internet marketing forums and blogs like this one. These kinds of reviews can be very useful but usually involve drawing the attention of other internet marketers to your site. There is a very real danger that someone may see your site and simply copy it.

The third option is to pay someone to review your site. This has the advantage of not revealing your business on a blog or forum. The disadvantage is that an expert internet marketer would charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars for this type of consultation.

Unless you’re very lucky and find someone to review your website you really need to learn how to do it yourself. Read on and I’ll give you some great tips for reviewing your own site …

How to review your online business

Firstly you need to identify which part of your sales process isn’t working effectively. Work out which area is causing your biggest problem, then target that part of the process to improve first.

 There are basically four parts to an online business



Average sale price

Number of sales per customer


If you’re not getting enough traffic to your website it doesn’t matter how great your product is or how well your sales page converts.

Quite often when a good site isn’t getting much traffic the problem goes right back to keyword research. Keyword research is absolutely fundamental to the success of your site.

Problems here include picking a niche that is too broad and too competitive. For example, I have seen many new internet marketers trying to target the keyword “dieting”. Dieting is such a competitive niche that it is almost impossible to get organic traffic and prohibitively expensive to buy paid traffic.

The opposite problem is targeting a niche market where there is too little traffic. If there are only a few hundred global monthly searches for your keyword it is simply not going to get much traffic.

If you have chosen a niche that isn’t too competitive but does have enough traffic to be viable you should be able to increase your traffic relatively easily. Traffic will depend on several factors. These include:

Quality and quantity of the content on your site

Link building

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Paid Traffic

Social Media


To increase traffic you may need to add more content or build more links to it. Alternatively you may need to pay for traffic. In the case of a new site you may simply have to wait a few months for your site to gain credibility with the search engines.

Conversion rate

conversion rate

conversion rate

Your conversion rate makes a huge difference to your profit. If you increase your conversion rate from 1% to 2% you are doubling your income. A very small improvement in your conversion rate can produce a huge increase in profits so conversion is something that you must look at.

It is very difficult to say what an average conversion rate is. Conversion rates vary between niches and also depend on the quality of the traffic. For example if I send an e-mail offer to my existing customer list the conversion rate will be much higher than organic or paid traffic. The reason is traffic from my list already know me and are likely to trust my recommendation.

If your conversion rate is low the things you need to look at are the page design, content, how appropriate the offers are and how strong your call to action is. You also need to look at the price you are charging and the bonuses that you are offering.

Sale price

Your average sale price will depend largely on the market you’ve chosen and the product within the market that you focus on. By targeting high-value products you can dramatically increase your profits. For example if you’re selling a product with a $5 profit you’ve got to sell 20 items to make $100. If on the other hand you sell a product with $100 profit you only need to sell one item instead of 20 to make that hundred dollars.

Number of sales per customer

It is getting increasingly difficult to make a profit on the front end, or first product sale. Many marketers actually make a small loss to make a sale. They then make a profit by making further offers as up-sells or later as e-mail offers.

One of the biggest mistakes newcomers often make is making only one sale per customer. Unless you are offering up-sells on the initial purchase and are collecting e-mails and building a list for on-going marketing you will not maximise the number of sales per customer.

What to do if your site isn’t making enough money

Unfortunately if you got your keyword research wrong by targeting too competitive niche or a market with too little traffic you may have to start again in a new market. Keyword research is that critical, but is better to realise your mistake and start again rather than waste more time in a dead-end niche.

The good news is that provided you have picked a viable market there is a simple process for reviewing and improving your site

Review the four parts of your business outlined above

Identify the area that is causing the biggest problem

Work on improving that area if it can be improved

Then work on the next biggest problem

Of course it would be far better not to make mistakes in the first place. If you are new to internet marketing I suggest you copy a tried and trusted system or blueprint. I highly recommend the “Copy and Profit Blueprint” which I reviewed in this previous post Copy and Profit Blueprint Review

Link: Copy and Profit Blueprint

I hope this advice helps you to improve the profitability of your website. Do let me know in the comments box below if you have any questions, or if you need further help or if you have any tips to share.



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Article Writing

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article writing

article writing


How to Write Great Articles

One of the biggest hurdles that most people have to overcome when they start an online business is the fear of writing. We all know that great content is the key to a successful website. The problem is writing that great content.

Why most of us don’t want to write

For many people their last experience of writing anything longer than a letter may well have been when they were at school. And I doubt that many of us really enjoyed writing at school.

As a result of our experiences of writing at school we may well feel reluctant to write the content that we need to make our website successful.

We may feel that we lack the ability to write well enough for an online audience. It is only natural to worry about what people think about us. To write makes us vulnerable to what other people may think and say about us. A second fear about writing is that we just don’t know enough about the subject. We may feel that we are just not enough of an expert to be able to write about the topic.

Overcoming our fear of writing

Both of these fears about writing are unfounded. As an English teacher I have very rarely found a child, much less an adult who is truly unable to write. The barrier is usually the fear of writing rather than actually being unable to write.

Writing is just talking

Very few people would say that they can’t talk and writing is really just talking that is put down on paper. Like most things good writing technique comes with practice. I think it was Nick Faldo, the golfer, who once said, “It’s funny but the more I practice the luckier I get”. The same is true with writing, the more you write the better your writing becomes. The most important thing is to overcome your fear of writing and just get started. Your writing will improve with practice.

“I’m not an expert”

You don’t need to be an expert to be able to write about a subject. Not immediately knowing enough about the topic can also be easily overcome.

Firstly almost everybody is an expert on something. If there is a topic such as gardening, photography, or DIY where people turn to you for advice this is clearly an area where other people regard you as an expert. You may be surprised by just how much you know about topics that interest you. So you may already have the expertise you need to write about topics you’re interested in. But even if you don’t have that knowledge, or if you are writing about topics that you don’t know about you can still easily write about them.

The trick to writing about any topic is research. For example I know nothing about beekeeping. I have a cousin who keeps bees and I was fascinated recently when she opened up a hive to show me the inner workings of a bee colony. If I decided to write about beekeeping I would need to research and read several articles about beekeeping first.

Having done my research I would write a list of the key points involved in successful beekeeping. This list would be the structure for my article.

Once I’d arranged the list in a logical order I would use each of the key points as paragraphs for my beekeeping article. Clearly the ideas for my article will come from the

writing articles

writing articles on the beach

other articles that I have read. But as long as I write my article in my own words and don’t copy anybody else’s work word for word then what I’ve written is unique and my own writing. One great thing about writing is that you can write where you like….even by the beach!

Start with what you know

Okay, so the most important thing about writing your blog posts is to actually get writing and doing the research. Probably the easiest way to start writing is to write about something that you know about already, or that you have an interest in. This is a great place to start because you will find it easier at first to write about something you know or interests you. You will quickly find that you can move on to writing on any topic.

Many people are successful in markets that they know nothing about either because they research and write about the topic themselves, or because they find someone else to do the writing for them. I cover outsourcing in more detail in my newsletter where I share my experiences and where I find my writers.

Outsourcing writing or writing yourself?

Clearly outsourcing the writing of content for your website has significant advantages. You don’t have to worry about being able to write or about not being an expert. Paying someone else to write for you also saves you time that you can spend developing your business or enjoying more free time.

There are however disadvantages to outsourcing the content of your website. When you are starting an online business you may not have the money to be able to pay somebody else to write for you. Secondly I like to write the content of my Internet marketing websites myself because I’m passionate about online marketing and I want to share my personal knowledge. I also want my websites to reflect me as a person. I want my websites to be unique and personal and have my voice, rather than be written by others.

I never outsource writing emails to my newsletter list because I want to build a personal relationship with my members. People join a membership list because they want to solve a problem, but they stay because you provide great information and then like and trust you.

Writing website content conclusion

Don’t be afraid of writing content for your website – just get started and write. For your main passion site or sites I suggest writing the content yourself. But this is not essential, I have a friend who’s a very successful Internet marketing who outsources all the articles for her sites because she is dyslexic. Not being able to write is a disadvantage but not one that can’t be overcome.

Final tips

Not all the content for your website needs to be written. In fact I strongly recommend that you vary the content of your site. The web is increasingly moving towards video and I suggest that wherever possible you use video your site. I cover the use of video in more detail elsewhere on the site and in my newsletters, but you don’t need to make the video yourself. Alongside video, photo’s or other images are vital success of your site.

The old saying that, ”a picture is worth thousand words” holds true when it comes to creating content to your website. Well chosen and relevant pictures reduces the amount of writing that you need to produce to make your articles successful.

Guest blogging is another great tip. You simply find writers who are experts in your niche and get them to write unique content for your site. Usually you will find expert writers more than happy to write guest articles for you for free in exchange for a link back from the article to their site.



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