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How To Write Product Reviews That Sell

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how to write product reviews that sell

how to write product reviews that sell

In my last article How To Make Quick Cash For Christmas I explained that creating a product review site was one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money online.

Setting up a review site using WordPress is really easy, but you do need to write great product reviews in order to make sales.

Picking the right product

Before you even think of writing a product review it’s vital that you research the products first. Amazon uses and 5 star product rating system. I always look for products with at least an Amazon 4.5 star rating. This way I know that I’m writing about and recommending only the best products and ones that are likely to sell well.

Don’t try to sell

The most important thing about writing product reviews is actually not to sell at all.

To be effective your product review must not be written as a sales pitch. People looking for product reviews want information and unbiased advice. If they arrive on your site and see a sales page thinly disguised as a review they will leave instantly.

On the other hand if you provide a genuine product review that focuses on the features and benefits of the product you are halfway to making a sale. Once you have outlined features and benefits of the product you need to add actual users’ feedback as social proof.

How to find product information and user feedback for your product reviews

Amazon is a fantastic source of all the basic information that you need to write your product reviews.

Simply read the full product description on the Amazon website and rewrite it in your own words. This takes time and can be outsourced but it is important to make your review original so that you have unique content on your site. Make sure you include all the basic details such as price, make, model, and guarantee.

When you write your description concentrate on the benefits for the customer. For example it might be the quickest, lightest, strongest or best value product of its type.

The product may save the user time or money. It may give them hours of pleasure or be something that will occupy their children for hours on end. Think about all the possible benefits and uses of the product and include them in your product description.

The final and most important part of a successful review is to include ratings and feedback from users. Feedback from other users is vital social proof that the product is worth buying. I include the Amazon rating in my review along with a few brief comments and short quotes from Amazon customers.

I also include any limitations drawbacks about the product to give all round and unbiased review but because I’ve picked top-rated products these tend to be very minor.

product reviews that sellConverting a visitor into a buyer

My final tip for making your product review sell is to finish your review with a gentle call to action. For example end your review with, “If product X is right for you can buy it by clicking the link below.”

If you have provided a valuable review you have earned the right to ask the reader to use your link when they decide to buy.

If you help them make their buying decision you will find that many visitors are quite happy to click your link to buy the product. This is especially true if you’re using a clearly identified Amazon link and they were already thinking of buying from Amazon.

Your Action Steps

  • Setup a WordPress site
  • Research a 4.5 star product on Amazon
  • Write a benefit focused product review and then keep adding new reviews

Do let me know how you get on in the comments section below, and don’t forget to claim you free guide by entering your email address above.

Kind Regards

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Google EMD Update and The Future of Exact Match Domains

Google EMD Update and The Future of Exact Match Domains

Following hard on the heels of the Google Penguin and Panda updates the latest Google slap is the EMD update targeting Exact Match Domains.

It’s all part of Google’s intense drive to purge the search engine results of sites that are getting artificially high rankings.

In my last article Google Disavow Links the Death of SEO? I issued an important warning about what I see as a dangerous Google trap.

This latest Google update targets Exact Match Domains such as EMD sites are ones where the domain name or URL is the exact or very close match to the keyword targeted. In this example the keyword “vegetarian quiche” is the exact match of the domain name.

Until this latest EMD update an exact match domain name, especially a dot Com domain gave your site an automatic boost in the search engine rankings.

What’s happened with EMD update is that “thin” or low quality sites, often with just two or three content pages have suddenly found their rankings crash.

Yet again there is much wailing and tearing of hair on the Internet marketing forums. People have seen their EMD sites freefall out of the search engine results. Online blogs and forums have been alive with complaints about the impact of the EMD update.

This isn’t the first Google update and it won’t be the last. In fact the pace and severity of these Google updates seem to be increasing. So I think it’s important to learn some lessons from this and other recent Google updates. And there is some good news as well….some EMD sites have actually seen an increase in their SERPs.

Lessons to be learned from Google updates

#1 Even where loopholes exist you’re usually too late

Yes loopholes do exist and some people profit from. But in general loopholes close too quickly for most people to profit from.

By the time you buy training about the latest loophole or get rich quick trick the game is almost certainly over.

Think about this for a moment….All the time the loophole works the chances are whoever discovered it will keep quiet about it….this makes sense doesn’t it??

When a loophole is found it is taken advantage of by the people who discovered it. It’s common sense really. Why would you want to tell everyone else where this goldmine was and spend time teaching other people how they could grab the gold? You’d be too busy grabbing itself wouldn’t you?

Many of the gurus in fact only start teaching about a loophole they found when it’s stopped working and it’s too late to be of real use. (I know this from bitter experience having spent $2000 on a scheme that stopped working just after I bought it.)

#2 This isn’t the death of Exact Match Domains

Just as I don’t think Google disavow tool will be the death of SEO, the EMD update does not mean that exact match domain names won’t be important in the future.

Domain names like are always going to be valuable and tend to rank well BUT only if they have good relevant content.

#3 Quality counts

The EMD sites that have suffered dramatic falls in search engine position are mainly poor quality sites. The EMD update hasn’t affected high quality sites.

Many high quality EMD sites have seen an increase in their Search Engine position. So the lesson here is that EMD sites still work, but now more than ever the content and links need to be high quality.

What the EMD update probably does sound the death of are 2-10 page sites that should never have high rankings in the first place.

Quality links to your site are now more improtant than ever. See my recent article for Some Simple Ways To Get Links to Your Site.

#4 Why even try to Game Google?

My gut feeling has always been that it simply isn’t worth trying to beat or “game” Google with tricks or loopholes. This is probably the most important leeson to learn from the Google updates and slaps.

My youngest son often picks fights with his older brother. I never understand why. He is just 9 years old and his brother is 17. My nine year old is never going to win a fight with his big brother. So why does he even try?

The problem with loopholes is that they do tend to get closed. Google is actually very clever and sooner or later they catch on and take action.

Trying to “beat” Google is acting like my 9 year old. I can only wish you good luck if you’re trying to build a business based on tricking Google because you just not going win in the long run.

Instead I recommend following a tried and tested blueprint approach to building an online business on solid foundations. Click the link below for full details:

==> Copy and Profit Blueprint

David Francis

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When I was a teacher the first thing one new head teacher did at my school was to ban staff from going on training courses during school time. He was new to being a Headteacher and this was the first school he was in charge of.

Invest in yourself

Invest in yourself

The logic of this head was that teachers shouldn’t take time away from teaching their classes to learn new skills.

That Headmaster did not last long and the school did not make much progress under his leadership. The school later got a new Headteacher who valued training and invested time and money sending her teachers on professional development courses.

Stephen Covey in his excellent book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” gives an example of two men sawing a huge log that is taking enormous effort to cut by hand. They are working tirelessly but are too busy to stop to sharpen the saw.

It is very tempting to just keep working without stepping back and making sure that you have the right tools and training to do the job effectively. Yes, stopping to sharpen the saw would have taken some time. But by investing that time sharpening the saw would have made the job far easier. It would have actually saved them time in the long run.

As a teacher I found that I had to keep learning myself.  I constantly invested in my training and development. I attended training courses every year to keep up-to-date with the latest teaching materials and techniques. I also completed an additional Education Certificate and did a part-time Masters degree.

Most companies invest in training their staff not for altruistic reasons, but because of the return on investment often called ROI. Companies spend money training their staff because better equipped and trained staff will make more money for their company.

Jim Rohn once said, “Work hard on your job, and you’ll earn a living. Work hard on yourself, and you’ll earn a fortune.” I have continued to invest in myself and my training since I started my online business. I treat my online business as a business. I continuously invest in learning new Internet marketing skills.

Free internet marketing training

You don’t necessarily have to invest much, if any money in your Internet marketing training at first but you will need to invest your time.

One of the great free ways to learn about Internet marketing is by attending free online training sessions or webinars. Two very successful online marketers who I know personally run some great free training webinars. To find out more just click the link below.

Link: Free online training

Internet Marketing Trial Offers

Trial offers can be a great way of trying new tools and training courses often for just a token payment. There are so many trail offer that I’ve now written an article highlighting some fantastic trial offers that you should take advantage of:

Link : Internet Marketing Trial Offers

If you’re relatively new to Internet marketing be ready to invest a very small amount of money in your training. I would highly recommend starting with the “Copy and Profit Blueprint”.  I wrote a full review in a previous post Copy and Profit Blueprint Review. Investing in a great course like this is a quick way to get started in online marketing that can really save time. For further details follow the link below.

Link: Full details about the Copy And Profit Blueprint

David Francis

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

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What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is essentially selling somebody else’s product and receiving a commission on the sale. The business model of receiving a commission on the sales made is almost as old as time and is basically is what affiliate marketing is.

Advantages of affiliate marketing

The biggest advantage of affiliate marketing is that you are partnering with an established business. Your affiliate partner will typically handle:

• stocking the product,

• delivering the product

• collecting payments

• customer service

• product returns

These are very good reasons why affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most popular ways to earn money online.

Probably the largest and most famous affiliate marketing program is the one run by Amazon. Many people don’t realise it, but I read recently that 40% of all products sold on are sold by affiliates. A vast number of companies in fact run affiliate programs where they pay you commission on your sales of their products. Several of the large affiliate programs you may have heard of our Amazon, Commission Junction and Clickbank but there are endless other affiliate programs.

Amazon affiliate example

affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing

Let’s look at affiliate marketing using Amazon as an example. Becoming an Amazon affiliate is simply a matter of registering with the Amazon website in the country that you will sell products. For example if you want to sell products to the American market you need to register with If you also want to sell products in another country such as the United Kingdom you would need to register with Amazon in the country. To register UK Amazon website as an affiliate you would need to register on as an affiliate. Signing up as an Amazon affiliate is really easy, but you do need to register with Amazon separately for each country that you want to sell to.

One of the reasons that Amazon is so popular with affiliates is how easy it is both to register as an affiliate how easy it is to set up the sale of Amazon products on your website.

Once you become an Amazon affiliate you have access to the entire vast Amazon product range. You can sell everything from herbal remedies to diamond rings from your website as an Amazon affiliate.

Becoming an affiliate brings instant Amazon trust and credibility to your website. You’re effectively trading on the Amazon name and brand. People might be very reluctant to buy from a site such as “Joe’s Drill Store” or “Jane’s Dress Shop” if it meant making payment to an online store the customer had never heard of. If on the other hand Joe’s Drill Store sells drills as an Amazon affiliate the site is actually sending customers to Amazon to make the purchase. This is a huge advantage in terms of credibility and trust, because most people know and trust the Amazon brand.

Amazon 24-hour commission cookie

As an Amazon affiliate, not only do you receive a commission on every item you directly sell you also receive a commission on anything else that the customer that you have sent to Amazon goes on to buy from Amazon within the next 24 hours. So quite often you may find yourself receiving commission a wide range of items that aren’t even mentioned on your site. I really enjoy looking at all the items that I’ve sold my Amazon affiliate sites. Often these items are completely unrelated to my websites and include everything from water filters to e-books, but the sales were the result of me sending traffic to Amazon so I get paid commission.

Disadvantages of affiliate marketing

Despite all the advantages that there are with being an affiliate, there are also disadvantages with affiliate marketing.

You only keep a percentage of the sale

The biggest disadvantage of course is that you have to share the sale with the affiliate provider. For some Clickbank products your share of the affiliate sale may be as high as 50 to 75%. This high affiliate commission payment is quite typical of information products like e-books and study courses. Affiliate commissions for sales of physical products, everything from toasters to televisions is usually much, much lower. Affiliate commissions for physical products typically vary between 5 and 10%. I remember getting really excited when I sold my first thousand dollars products as an Amazon affiliate, but my commission rate was only 6% so I ended up earning just over $60 out of the $1000 worth of products that I’d sold.


Another disadvantage of being an affiliate is competition. There may be hundreds of other affiliates all selling exactly the same product. You will be in competition with all these other sellers. Trying to complete affiliate in competitive market, such as diet example can be very difficult because this competition. Of course these competitive markets can also be very profitable if you’re successful. My tip however would be to start out as an affiliate in a much smaller, less competitive market.

The affiliate marketing business

Having access to the vendor’s products, sales system, and promotional resources can make affiliate marketing a lot easier than having to design, create and market your own product.

There are certainly many people making very good incomes online working as affiliates. The affiliate marketing business, however, is exactly that…. it is a business. Like any other business to be successful affiliate marketing requires hard work and effort.

My affiliate marketing experience marketing experience

I operate Amazon and other affiliate stores in a number of different markets ranging from health to ladies perfume. Without Amazon’s vast network, products and systems I wouldn’t have been able to make that important first thousand dollars in sales. I am still making sales from my Amazon affiliate sites and Amazon affiliate sites are definitely one of the easiest ways to start making money online. But I’ll show you what I now do to keep a much higher percentage of my sales revenue. Sign up on this page for my free Internet marketing report and newsletter and I will show you exactly what I’m doing now to earn 50-100% commissions. Yes, it is actually possible to sell other people’s products and legally and morally keep 100% of the profits. I’ll show you how and why this works and how you can maximise your profit as an affiliate.



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