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My name is David Francis. I am an IT teacher and trainer. I’ve been involved in publishing on the internet since 1999 and now work full time online.

My backkground

After a 20 year teaching career I was suddenly faced with redundancy. I had always loved teaching and was also responsible for teacher training within my school and in other schools. Had I not been made redundant I would probably have continued teaching for ever.

Being made redundant made me think about what I wanted to do the rest of my life. I decided that I didn’t want to start-over again teaching at a new school. I’d also learned the hard way that there is no such thing as a job for life.

While teaching I had been seconded to work on a huge educational internet project that actually ended up in the Guinness Book of Records. So instead of looking for another job, I decided I wanted the financial freedom that I knew I could get from running my own Internet business.

I wanted more time away from marking books and the growing administration that teachers have to do nowadays. I wanted to spend more with my family. I’d actually thought about starting a business since I was a teenager. I had even got the keys to look at a shop that I was thinking of opening, but somehow never did. I’d also thought about opening a McDonald’s but didn’t have the hundreds of thousands of pounds needed to start a McDonald’s franchise.

I used my redundancy money to invest in thousands of pounds worth of Internet marketing courses and training. It wasn’t easy setting up my Internet business by any means. I made the mistake of buying course after course that promised instant riches, but always failed to deliver.

I attended seminars and trainings and went as far as flying to America to train with a famous internet marketer. I spent all my redundancy money, literally thousands and thousands of dollars with very little to show for my time and money.

Along with the failures I found a partner to work with and I was slowly learning and achieving some success.

After many false starts we had a website and e-book selling on Clickbank, paid traffic from Google and growing list. Over 90% of our traffic was coming from Google and will make a small profit selling a $27 e-book, with the prospect of making more money later as we developed more products like DVDs and courses.

Just as suddenly as being made redundant we were hit with the “Google slap”. Out of no-where our AdSense account was banned and our Google ads and traffic stopped overnight. We had a great website and a product we are proud. We appealed to Google and the ban was lifted with a rare Google apology. Our business was back on track until a few weeks later Google again banned our account and stopped our traffic.

With a heavy heart, but with a wife and three young boys to support I had to make the decision to go back to teaching.

It was very hard teaching fulltime and with the demands of a young family and a very sick mother but somehow I managed to continue growing my internet business despite going back to fulltime employment.

Within a few months of coming back to full time internet marketing we achieved our first $20,000 of income and teaching 6 classes of kids a day and bringing home marking is fading to a distant memory.

I’m able to work from home and be there when my kids get in from school and I’m able to drop them off every morning. For me it’s not just about the money, it is about the time I’m able to spend with my boys……but we can also have 3 foreign holidays a year and the kids are begging us to go back to Disneyland for the fourth time.

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