how to write product reviews that sell

how to write product reviews that sell

In my last article How To Make Quick Cash For Christmas I explained that creating a product review site was one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money online.

Setting up a review site using WordPress is really easy, but you do need to write great product reviews in order to make sales.

Picking the right product

Before you even think of writing a product review it’s vital that you research the products first. Amazon uses and 5 star product rating system. I always look for products with at least an Amazon 4.5 star rating. This way I know that I’m writing about and recommending only the best products and ones that are likely to sell well.

Don’t try to sell

The most important thing about writing product reviews is actually not to sell at all.

To be effective your product review must not be written as a sales pitch. People looking for product reviews want information and unbiased advice. If they arrive on your site and see a sales page thinly disguised as a review they will leave instantly.

On the other hand if you provide a genuine product review that focuses on the features and benefits of the product you are halfway to making a sale. Once you have outlined features and benefits of the product you need to add actual users’ feedback as social proof.

How to find product information and user feedback for your product reviews

Amazon is a fantastic source of all the basic information that you need to write your product reviews.

Simply read the full product description on the Amazon website and rewrite it in your own words. This takes time and can be outsourced but it is important to make your review original so that you have unique content on your site. Make sure you include all the basic details such as price, make, model, and guarantee.

When you write your description concentrate on the benefits for the customer. For example it might be the quickest, lightest, strongest or best value product of its type.

The product may save the user time or money. It may give them hours of pleasure or be something that will occupy their children for hours on end. Think about all the possible benefits and uses of the product and include them in your product description.

The final and most important part of a successful review is to include ratings and feedback from users. Feedback from other users is vital social proof that the product is worth buying. I include the Amazon rating in my review along with a few brief comments and short quotes from Amazon customers.

I also include any limitations drawbacks about the product to give all round and unbiased review but because I’ve picked top-rated products these tend to be very minor.

product reviews that sellConverting a visitor into a buyer

My final tip for making your product review sell is to finish your review with a gentle call to action. For example end your review with, “If product X is right for you can buy it by clicking the link below.”

If you have provided a valuable review you have earned the right to ask the reader to use your link when they decide to buy.

If you help them make their buying decision you will find that many visitors are quite happy to click your link to buy the product. This is especially true if you’re using a clearly identified Amazon link and they were already thinking of buying from Amazon.

Your Action Steps

  • Setup a WordPress site
  • Research a 4.5 star product on Amazon
  • Write a benefit focused product review and then keep adding new reviews

Do let me know how you get on in the comments section below, and don’t forget to claim you free guide by entering your email address above.

Kind Regards

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Make Quick Cash For Christmas

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How to Make Cash for Christmas

My son meeting Father Christmas at the North Pole

One of the most common questions that I get asked is, “How do I get started making money online”.

So how can you make extra money for Christmas if you are just starting online?

One of the quickest and easiest ways to earn money online is through creating a “review website”. The picture here by the way is of my youngest son meeting the real Santa at his home in Lapland, a moment I’ll never forget.

A review website is simply a site where you provide reviews of products and services. Your reviews pre-sell the item. You put your affiliate link in the review and if someone clicks on your link and buys then you get paid a commission. It’s really easy to setup a review site using WordPress even if you have little or no experience.

Review sites are a great way to generate income because you’re targeting buyers. People who read reviews are generally looking to buy a product, otherwise they wouldn’t be interested in a product review. They are looking for more information about the product before buying. And this information is what you give them right before they click your affiliate link and buy the product.

The easiest way to create a review site is to link to Amazon because it is so easy to set up an Amazon affiliate account and Amazon takes care of the whole process of taking the order and sending out the product.

If you’re just staring out selling online an Amazon affiliate store is a great way to start and right now, just before Christmas is the perfect time to start.

A high quality review site does take some effort, because you need to actually write the reviews and create the site but this is a great way to make some cash for Christmas.

How to make extra money for Christmas if you already have a listCash for Christmas

Unless you’re selling physical products the holiday seasons are usually seen as bad for online sales. Everyone says information products sell particularly badly over Christmas.

If you already have a list it’s actually easy to earn extra money at Christmas. As long as you don’t listen to what “everyone says” there’s no reason why you can’t make some very useful money over Christmas.

Why you can make money from your list at Christmas

The holiday season, Christmas, New Year and the January sales give you 3 great reasons to mail to your list with special offers.

Your offer can be a discount or added bonuses. It has to be a good offer, but the main point is you are giving a good reason why you’re making the offer.

Create your special offer and mail it as a Christmas special. You can follow up with a New Year Resolution offer and a January Sales offer. All of these are very credible reasons why you are making a special offer. It makes an “event” out of your marketing and that’s one reason why holiday offers work so well.

The other reason that holiday offers work is that people are often on holiday and actually have time to read your offer! I think the final reason why holiday offers work so well for me is that most marketers don’t mail over holidays so you have much less competition.

Another great thing about seasonal offers is that you can send the same offer again next year, and each year after that.

This really works, I’ve even had ebook sales on Christmas Day!

Copy and Profit by Christmas

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to copy a successful system. The Copy and Profit Blueprint gives you the exact plan, or blueprint that you need to follow to make money online. Whether you are just starting online or already have an online business you need to get hold of these blueprints to online profit.

Link: ==> Copy and Profit Blueprint


Your Action Steps

If you don’t have a list – Create an Amazon Review site

If you have a list – Prepare a series of Holiday Special Offers to mail to your list

Grab The Copy and Profit Blueprint

David Francis

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guest blogging

guest blogging

Guest blogging is simply where you write an article to appear on someone else’s website. This is a win-win situation because the site owner gets fresh content and you get exposure on someone else’s blog and you get a link back to your site.

Guest blogging is great for getting free traffic and high quality links AND it is actually recommended by Google

This is what Matt Cutts from Google has to say about guest blogging:

Guest blogging the Right Way

There’s a right way and a wrong way to write as a guest blogger.

The wrong way is to write as many low quality guest blog posts on as many blogs as possible to get the maximum number of links back to your site.

The title of this article should give you a clue to what’s wrong with this quantity not quality approach.

You do get links from guest blog posts, but you are looking for high quality links and more importantly  – free traffic. Your primary goal should be to get traffic from your guest blog posts, not just links.

You need to write high quality unique articles for two reasons. Firstly sites with high Page Rank and high visitor numbers are not going to publish second-rate content. Secondly even if you manage to get low quality articles published the articles are not going to be interesting enough to make readers want to visit your site to learn more from you.

High quality guest posts on high PR sites = free quality traffic to your site

How to fnd Blogs to write for

Search engines to find blogs

You can find blogs by searching for your keyword and “blog”. So you could just type in “Dog training blog” into Google and then contact the site owners.

#1 Blog Search Tip

A regular search will throw up sites that don’t want to have guest posts. If you add “submit guest post” or “write for us” to your search query you will be much more likely to find blogs that are actively looking for guest writers. Remember to use the quotation marks.

In our dog training example the search would be:

Dog training blog “submit guest post”

Dog training blog “write for us”

Blog directories to find blogs

There are blog directories that list blogs by category.

Searching the major blog directories is an easy way to find blogs in your niche.

These are some of the main blog directories for you to use:


The problem with Guest blogging

The biggest problem with guest blogging is the time and effort it takes. Searching for Guest blogs that will accept your articles and then contacting them all is very time consuming. It usually involves back and forth emails to make the necessary arrangements. This is why most people don’t bother guest blogging, it’s just too much effort.

Fortunately there is a much easier way to guest blog….

The easy way to find Guest Blogs

There’s a free site that connects sites that want content to publish with guest bloggers.

This is completely different to article directories because your article only appears on one website.

This short video explains the easy way to get guest blog posts published. Basically you write and submit a unique article and site owners compete to publish your work. You simply chose the best offer and your article gets published on that site.

Your Action Steps

Visit and submit a guest post for publication.

Signup to recieve more great tips and my free report by entering your eamil address in the form above.

David Francis

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Selling with Stories

Selling with Stories

I’ve just this minute got back from reading The Twits by Roald Dahl to my youngest son’s class.

I’m an ex-high school teacher so it was a wonderful experience watching the children’s delighted faces as I read the story.

I think even the teacher enjoyed listening because when the class begged me to continue she readily agreed.

Everyone enjoys a story but your probably wondering…………………….

What have stories got to do with selling?

I guess we all enjoy a good story but what’s that got to do with selling you might ask?

I used to get asked the same question when I told stories in the IT and Business Studies lessons I taught.

One of the stories I told was about the fact that it wouldn’t be worth Bill Gates’ time to bend over and pick up $100 bill. The reason being that he made so much money he would earn more than $100 in the time it took him to bend down and pick it up.

Pupils always found it hard to believe that anyone could be earning as much as hundred dollars in a few seconds. There would always listen intently to the story but would sometimes ask, “What’s that got to do with the IT Sir?”

The point I was making was how important working hard is and about the rewards that success can bring. The message always sunk in and pupils would mention the story weeks later.

Telling the story to my son’s class today made me think about the new car I’ve just bought. It’s the third new car that I bought from the same salesperson.

Why have I now gone back three times to buy a car from the same salesman? I actually looked in several car showrooms at the same make and model. I’d even been offered a better price at another dealership. So why did I come back to the same garage?

Good Salesmen Don’t Sell

Paul, the salesman that I bought the car from hadn’t really sold me the car. What he had done was built a relationship with me and establishes trust. He actually spent more time showing me pictures of his family that he did selling the features of the car. He told me stories and I enjoyed listening.

When I bought the car I knew far more about Paul’s wife, three children and his new grandchild than I did about the car. I’d seen pictures on his phone of all of them. I know Paul’s waiting for a minor operation and I actually want to know that it is successful. I care about my car salesman.

I’m not sure whether Paul does it deliberately or not, but he is a very successful salesman because he tells stories. He personally sold 30 cars last month. I know that he loves his dad and takes his oldest son to football matches. In short I know like and trust Paul despite having only met him four or five times.

I’ve written a letter to the car dealership thanking them for the great service I received. I’ve become a raving fan of the garage. Not only have I now come back three times to buy a new car, I’ve also recommended the showroom to friends. The business has made 3 car sales and received my glowing recommendations as a result of the relationship and trust established through stories.

As a teacher we’re not trained to tell stories. At teacher training college we learn how to teach our subject and how to organise and manage a class. Not once was I told that I should be telling stories to engage pupils. It’s just something that most teachers do instinctively. Funnily enough a recent study has shown that the most effective teachers rely heavily on telling stories.

Selling online has changed

Long form sales letters are simply not working as well as they used to. I can see that in the niche markets that I work in. In most niche markets the conversion rate from sales letters are falling. Most internet marketers are moving to video sales letters because video allows you to bond with your audience by telling your story. Through video customers get to know you what you stand for very quickly.

Stop trying to sell

I think the important message is that we need to move away from shouting about our product and saying, “Buy Now, Buy, Buy”

Think about your first dateSellig with Stories - Why Good Salesmen Don't Sell

If you think about it it’s a bit like asking a girl to marry on your first date. Most girls would be put off, and probably a bit scared if you asked them to marry you when you first meet. Unless you look like Brad Pitt I think most girls would run a mile if you tried to get them to marry you on the first date.

If we don’t expect a girl to marry us straightaway why do we expect a brand new visitor to our site to buy from us? The customer has only just landed on your site and you are trying to force your product down their throat. Is it really surprising that it doesn’t work?

The advantage of video

There’s a saying that most decisions in life are made in 30 seconds.

You certainly don’t have longer than that to grab your online customer’s attention. The average first-time visitor to your site actually decides whether to stay or not in less than six seconds.

Video lets you tell your story and capture the interest of loyalty of customers in the way that you just don’t get chance to do with a sales letter.

Your story

Your site needs to establish your credibility. To do this you need to tell your customer who you are and what you stand for.

The best way to do this is by telling your story. We all have a story. Mine is about my family, my teaching career and my passion for teaching others how to build an online business.

This site probably won’t appeal to you if you want to “get rich quick”. My last post way actually called The Myth of the 4 Hour Workweek. That title alone should put you off if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme or “magic button money” as I call it.  If you expect to make money without working hard I doubt you would even have read this far…I would have put you off in my first paragraph…it’s not who I am and it’s not who I’m ever going to appeal to.

You need to decide who your ideal customer is. You need to decide what you stand for. You communicate to that to your ideal customer.

Your Action Steps

1)      Write down “Your Story”. We all have several stories and I’ll cover this in more detail later. But make a start now. Who are you? What do you stand for? Why should people do business with you?

2)      Record your first marketing video. Your first attempt won’t be perfect…..don’t worry about that….I’ve been making videos for 20 years and they’re still not perfect. Just get started and they will get better and better.

If you need help creating your video do read How to Create Hi-tech Sales Video on a Low Dollar Budget. For a great course on marketing with video I highly recommend Online Video Champ

Link: ==> Online Video Champ


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The 4-Hour Workweek

The 4-Hour Workweek

The 4 hour work week is about as real as the tooth fairy or the Easter bunny.

I’m sorry to disappoint you if you really think you can make money and have financial freedom without hard work.

What’s perhaps most worrying about Timothy Ferriss’s book The 4 hour Work Week is how successful the book has been.

The title works so well because everyone seems to be looking to get rich without any effort.

It sometimes doesn’t seem as if five minutes goes by without me seeing an offer promising that you can make money without working. I keep seeing ads like, “Push Button Millainaire”.

If there really was a button that you could press to make money instantly I’m sure people would be busy pressing the button rather than e-mailing me about their get rich schemes.

The bottom line is that there is no “magic bullet” for making money online.

There are however tried and tested methods that you can work to create a successful online business. A great example is Copy and Profit Blueprint.

Is The 4 Hour Work Week worth reading?

Despite my concerns about the idea that you can really run a business on just 4 hours work a week, the book is well worth reading.

I recommend that you ignore the idea that you can work 4 hours a DAY, much less work just 4 hour a week and have a successful business.

As a teacher all the pupils I taught who did really well also worked really hard.

Some might have had to work harder than others, but even the very brightest students still had to work hard.

My experience is that business is just the same. You have to work hard to succeed.

Both of my brothers-in-laws, and my sister all have successful businesses and just like me they’ve had to work hard.

Yes, we’ve all enjoyed some of the rewards of success, but the rewards came as a result of hard work, not the magic of a 4 hour week.

The valuable lesson from the 4 hour Work week

That said I always advise working Smart, not Hard. For me this is the most valuable lesson that Ferris teaches.

I had a teaching inspector in my classroom once and he looked shocked when I said I didn’t want the class to work hard. I told them to work Smart, not Hard.

I got them to work in teams to solve a task that none of them could have done on their own. I did this to illustrate the point that smart work can be more effective than hard work .

4 hour Week Video Summary

Tim Ferris gives a great summary of the ideas contained in The 4 hour Week in this short video.

If you don’t have time to read the book, you really should watch this short video.

The main message of the 4 hour work week

In many ways the 4 hour work week is just a rehashing of the 80/20 principle or Pareto’s Law.

The idea of the Pareto Principal is that 80 of our results come from just 20% of our actions so we should just focus on the 20% of tasks that produce the greatest results.

Ferris suggest that we should “outsource” the tasks that need to be done but that can be done cost effectively by someone else.

Many of us already do this with things like house cleaning and ironing. Yet many new online business owners don’t outsource business tasks.

With highly qualified workers ready and able to do tasks from answering emails to SEO there really is no excuse not to outsource.

Yet I frequently see new internet marketers failing because they are trying to do everything themselves.

4 hour work week Review

The book is broken down into 4 main sections

#1 Definition

Ferris rightly says that you need to define your objectives, what you really want to achieve. In life and in business you need to decide what’s important and what isn’t.

You need to find out what you really want.

Next you need to set goals to achieve those objectives.

#2 Eliminate distractions

So that you can free up time to do the more important tasks you must learn to be effective, not just efficient. There is a difference.

It’s no good just getting things done you must focus on the tasks that are most important.

Learn to ignore interruptions, and be prepared to say “no” to things that don’t help you achieve your objectives.

#3 Automation

Automation is about achieving an income that doesn’t rely on your toil.

I went on a business trip with my sister to Africa paid for by one of her suppliers.

As we were sitting by the pool with white gloved waiters bringing us cocktails she made a sound something like Ka-ching.

“What’s that”, I asked. “The sound of my tills ringing”, she replied.

All the time she was sitting by the pool her business was earning her money on autopilot. Her business didn’t stop when she wasn’t actually working.

I learned a valuable lesson on that trip.

Ferris suggest that you should develop an auto-pilot run business like my sister had.

I think the reality is that most businesses take effort and hard work, but they should be built so that they don’t require your constant time and effort.

One of the keys to success is outsourcing.

Ferris argues that you should outsource your life — hire a virtual assistant to handle menial tasks.

I think that outsourcing tasks is critical to online business success.

#4 Liberatation

The book suggests that you can become liberated or free from all the traditional expectations in life.

You should design your work so that you have the flexibility to work from home, or by the pool anywhere in the world, and preferably where the cost of living is so low you can live the life of luxury.


I’ve bought 4 hour work week and read every word. The book will challenge and inspire you to look critically at your approach to business and organising your life.

There is valuable advice that is enjoyable to read and actionable…just don’t get sucked into thinking that you’re going to be successful just working a few hours a week.

Success comes at a price, and that price is investing both time and money in your business.

Your Action Steps

Read 4 hour work week and let me know what you think in the comments section below.

One thing the book is absolutely right about is the importance of outsourcing.

So your action step is to find at least one thing you are doing right now and outsource it.

Do it right away. Let me know what you have outsourced and how you get on.

David Francis

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Google EMD Update and The Future of Exact Match Domains

Google EMD Update and The Future of Exact Match Domains

Following hard on the heels of the Google Penguin and Panda updates the latest Google slap is the EMD update targeting Exact Match Domains.

It’s all part of Google’s intense drive to purge the search engine results of sites that are getting artificially high rankings.

In my last article Google Disavow Links the Death of SEO? I issued an important warning about what I see as a dangerous Google trap.

This latest Google update targets Exact Match Domains such as EMD sites are ones where the domain name or URL is the exact or very close match to the keyword targeted. In this example the keyword “vegetarian quiche” is the exact match of the domain name.

Until this latest EMD update an exact match domain name, especially a dot Com domain gave your site an automatic boost in the search engine rankings.

What’s happened with EMD update is that “thin” or low quality sites, often with just two or three content pages have suddenly found their rankings crash.

Yet again there is much wailing and tearing of hair on the Internet marketing forums. People have seen their EMD sites freefall out of the search engine results. Online blogs and forums have been alive with complaints about the impact of the EMD update.

This isn’t the first Google update and it won’t be the last. In fact the pace and severity of these Google updates seem to be increasing. So I think it’s important to learn some lessons from this and other recent Google updates. And there is some good news as well….some EMD sites have actually seen an increase in their SERPs.

Lessons to be learned from Google updates

#1 Even where loopholes exist you’re usually too late

Yes loopholes do exist and some people profit from. But in general loopholes close too quickly for most people to profit from.

By the time you buy training about the latest loophole or get rich quick trick the game is almost certainly over.

Think about this for a moment….All the time the loophole works the chances are whoever discovered it will keep quiet about it….this makes sense doesn’t it??

When a loophole is found it is taken advantage of by the people who discovered it. It’s common sense really. Why would you want to tell everyone else where this goldmine was and spend time teaching other people how they could grab the gold? You’d be too busy grabbing itself wouldn’t you?

Many of the gurus in fact only start teaching about a loophole they found when it’s stopped working and it’s too late to be of real use. (I know this from bitter experience having spent $2000 on a scheme that stopped working just after I bought it.)

#2 This isn’t the death of Exact Match Domains

Just as I don’t think Google disavow tool will be the death of SEO, the EMD update does not mean that exact match domain names won’t be important in the future.

Domain names like are always going to be valuable and tend to rank well BUT only if they have good relevant content.

#3 Quality counts

The EMD sites that have suffered dramatic falls in search engine position are mainly poor quality sites. The EMD update hasn’t affected high quality sites.

Many high quality EMD sites have seen an increase in their Search Engine position. So the lesson here is that EMD sites still work, but now more than ever the content and links need to be high quality.

What the EMD update probably does sound the death of are 2-10 page sites that should never have high rankings in the first place.

Quality links to your site are now more improtant than ever. See my recent article for Some Simple Ways To Get Links to Your Site.

#4 Why even try to Game Google?

My gut feeling has always been that it simply isn’t worth trying to beat or “game” Google with tricks or loopholes. This is probably the most important leeson to learn from the Google updates and slaps.

My youngest son often picks fights with his older brother. I never understand why. He is just 9 years old and his brother is 17. My nine year old is never going to win a fight with his big brother. So why does he even try?

The problem with loopholes is that they do tend to get closed. Google is actually very clever and sooner or later they catch on and take action.

Trying to “beat” Google is acting like my 9 year old. I can only wish you good luck if you’re trying to build a business based on tricking Google because you just not going win in the long run.

Instead I recommend following a tried and tested blueprint approach to building an online business on solid foundations. Click the link below for full details:

==> Copy and Profit Blueprint

David Francis

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Google has just released “Disavow Links”. This is Google’s latest weapon against search engine optimised sites. It’s no secret that Google are targeting site that they consider to be using SEO to improve the position of their site in the search results.

They have done so in the guise of providing a free tool to help you disassociate your site from “bad” links.

What is Disavow Links?

Following the recent Google Penguin and Panda updates, “bad” links, that is links from sites like blog networks can actually harm your site’s search engine result, or SERPs.

The basic idea with Disavow Links is that you tell Google about dodgy links to your site that you want to be ignored. The option is now live in your Google Webmaster tools, but do read on before you even think of using it.using Google disavow links

Beware Google bearing gifts

There will be lots written about this new tool over the coming weeks, but my advice is to beware Google bearing SEO gifts. I warned months ago about the dangers of using Google Analytics and recommended alternatives to using Google Analytics.

I am warning also issuing a warning against using Google’s Disavow Links. To me asking Google to ignore bad links to your site is like putting your hand up and admitting your guilt. I really wouldn’t count on Google ranking your site highly as a result. I think it is far more likely that your site will suffer a sharp Google slap, but it is worth listening to the video below where Matt Cutts from Google explains the thinking behind the disavow tool

Google’s Matt Cutts explains the disavow tool

You really need to listen to this, but do remember my warning!

The Death of SEO?

The Death of SEO has been predicted before and no doubt many people will see Disavow Links as finally ringing the death knell for SEO.

Disavow Links may well be the death of spam based SEO techniques like blog farms. If it is the case then frankly it’s a good thing in the long run, especially for people who produce valuable quality content.

It may be co-incidence, but I noticed one of my own content sites saw a massive jump in traffic yesterday. It’s a site with really great content that I’ve created in the health niche. I sell from the site, but I think I also provide excellent free information and great content. It is much better for the user and much better for ethical online businesses if quality sites like this rank highly in the search results.

SEO Impact of Disavow Links

Links are still going to be an important part of how sites are ranked in the search results. But the tool will help Google identify blog networks and link farms. Links from these sources and other SEO systems that essentially try to trick Google are doomed.

What’s vitally important now more than ever is that those links come from sites with high quality relevant content.

It’s going to be no use, and may well harm your site if you have thousands of links from spun or irrelevant content.

What should you do about Disavow Links?

Don’t panic. This isn’t the first time that the death of SEO has been announced and it won’t be the last.

Solid online business systems like Copy and Profit Blueprint still work.

Your Action steps

Most importantly don’t submit ANY Disavow Links

Continue creating links from relevant content on quality sites. See my previous article on Easy Ways To Get Links to Your Site for tips on how to build quality links

Social media signals are likely to become even more important. Checkout this source of real social votes that you can get for free

Link: SocialAdr

Do please help me spread the word about this because I don’t see why people should be penalised for building links. Under the old SEO rules that was just what you had to do to get ranked.

It’s still early days, but I think there’s also a real danger that this tool could be used by competitors to sabotage a site. I think Google may have made a huge mistake here. Let me know in the comments below what you think about the Google disavow tool.

David Francis

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Teaching is surprisingly similar to online marketing.What has teaching got to do with internet marketing?

Teaching also has many of the same challenges as selling online. If anything, perhaps teaching is even harder because pupils don’t choose to come to school. As a teacher most of the kids you have to try to teach wouldn’t even be there if they had a choice.

Teaching for almost 20 years taught me a lot about marketing. It’s your job as a teacher to sell often unwilling pupils the value of what you are teaching each lesson.

Here are my top internet marketing tips from teaching……

 # Grab Attention

 With a class, or with an online customer you have to grab attention quickly.

I used to start all my lessons with an unusual starter activity. Pupils would walk into my classroom and see a strange picture with a question, or perhaps watch a Youtube clip playing. They immediately want to know why? They were interested before I even start to teach.

Your website must also immediately grab attention. Your visitors won’t hang around unless your site grabs their attention. To do this you need powerful and effective headlines, sales copy and images.

# Demonstrate the benefits

I’ve worked with some very challenging and disaffected pupils. You have to sell pupils the importance of your subject and why they need to work hard now for rewards they won’t see the years to come.

One of the biggest challenges with these pupils is to persuade them about the benefits of doing well at school.

Pupils and customers need to know What’s in it for them?

If a teenage pupil has no goals in life it’s very hard to sell the idea that they need to work hard at school. Why should they spend time doing homework rather than playing computer games? Many pupils just can’t see the benefit to them of working hard at school.

I’ve been most successful mentoring students when I’ve been able to demonstrate the benefits to them of doing well at school. I’ve done this by doing things like taking them to visit universities and showing them the rewards that getting a good job can provide.

In online marketing, just as in teaching the most important thing to do is to demonstrate the benefits using our product will provide. Your customers want to know what’s in it for them? How will your product solve their immediate problems?

For example:

  • How will your product save them time?
  • How will make them money?
  • How will improve their health?


# Deliver quality content

Walk into any school and ask a handful of student who the best teachers are. The same teachers’ names will keep coming up. Kids know which teachers consistently deliver good lessons week in, week out. Those teachers are liked and respected. They rarely have discipline problems and get great results. I’ve worked in schools where raising the quality of teaching has literally doubled the whole schools’ examination results.

If you deliver top quality content throughout your online business you are just as likely as a teacher to be appreciated and successful.

# Consistency

Most kids who fail don’t fail because they don’t work. They fail because they leave things until the last minute. Then they panic and don’t have enough time to complete tasks to the required standard.

Most online businesses that don’t succeed also fail due to inconsistency. Typically a new online business gets off to a flying start with content added to the site every day for the first week…but by the end of just the first month little or no new content is being added.

# Planning

There’s a saying that “failing to plan is planning to fail”. I have rarely had to observe a teacher deliver a bad lesson that was properly planned and prepared. Most poor teaching starts to go wrong with poor planning. A teacher who doesn’t prepare an interesting lesson that is set at the right level for their students is doomed to fail. Without proper planning a new online business is just as doomed to failure.

# You won’t succeed on your own

Pupils have help forced on them when they are learning. They have to attend lessons and complete homework on time. They have someone there to teach them, help them and monitor their progress.

How many pupils would succeed without that help? I don’t think I would have, and I wouldn’t have succeeded in my online business without training and mentoring.

We wouldn’t expect pupils to learn without a teacher and to succeed online you need training and mentoring.

Your Action Steps

If you’re starting an online business you need to learn from someone who is already successful….you need to copy what they have done.

I recommend starting with “Copy and Profit Blueprint” a simple step by step guide to online success by one of the top online marketers in the UK. This is a great foundation on which to build your business.

Link: Copy and Profit Blueprint

Don’t try to work on your own. Join a training program with online support that will answer your questions and help you every step of the way. At the time of writing you can get a 2 month trial of a great training program with a fantastic online forum for just £9.99 for the first 2 months. This is an amazing offer that you should grab while it is still on offer.

Link: Training and Support Special Trial Offer

David Francis

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Internet Marketing Trial Offers

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Internet Marketing Trial Offers

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internet marketing trial offers

internet marketing trial offers

Are you like me, do you love trying free samples in stores?

I can’t resist free samples of the latest cookie or new cheese at the supermarket. It’s a win-win situation, because I get a free cookie, but if they’re delicious I often go on to buy a pack or two. I’ve tried them and liked them so there’s no reason not to buy them…the store has taken the risk away. I know I like the product before I have to buy it.

When you are starting a new business cost control and cash flow is crucial and trial offers can really help keep your costs down.

Like any business, starting an internet business requires some investment but you need to avoid paying for things that you aren’t actually going to use.

Making good use of trial offers can cut your initial costs significantly. For example Hostgator currently have an offer that gives you website hosting for just 1 CENT for your first month.

Perhaps more importantly trial offers give you the opportunity to see if the product is useful to you and offers a good return on investment, or ROI without significant cost or commitment.

Typically an Internet marketing trial will offer you access to a product or service for a limited time at little or no cost. Only if the product provides you with real value will you go ahead and buy it.

I really like trial offers because they show that the providers have confidence in the product. If used carefully some trial offers may even bring in enough money during the trial period to cover the cost for product.

Online marketing start-up costs

Unlike most conventional businesses an online business can be started from home greatly reducing expenses like renting and equipping premises.

There are however still significant costs involved in setting up a successful online business.

The main start-up costs of most home-based online businesses are training and services like web hosting and autoresponders.

Below are some of the current best trial offers for key Internet Marketing services and training:

Internet Marketing Trial Offers

Web Hosting Trial Offers

I currently use two web hosting companies. These are and Godaddy. These are two of the biggest and most respected hosting companies. One of the most critical things about hosting is what happens when things go wrong? Can you get hold of your hosting company? Do they provide prompt help? How good is their technical support?

I’ve had excellent experiences with Hostgaotr and Godaddy over the years and recommend them, but the trial offers give you the chance to check out their services first hand.

Both Hostgator and Godaddy are running great trial offers you can grab by clicking the links below. 

Hostgator hosting is only 1 cent…you really can’t go wrong giving it a try. You need to enter the code “1CENT” when you sign up to take advantage of this deal

Link: Hostgator Trial 1 cent Offer

Godaddy are offering a special 3 month hosting trial at just $1.99 a month. To get this special offer you need to follow the link below and then click the Yellow offer button that runs across and near the top of the page.

Link: Godaddy Trial Offer

Autoresponder Trails

I have always used Aweber for my autoresponder service and have never regreted it.

If you’re serious about your online business you have to build a list. It’s really important when you build a list that the autoreponder company is first class.

It is worth paying for a top autoresponder company like Aweber as soon as you start your online business. It isn’t worth risking low delivery rates and poor reliability that you may well experience with some of the free autoresponder services. It really is a false economy not to pay for a top-class autoresponder.

Luckily at the moment you can get a one-month free trial with Aweber. They are convinced you’ll want to stay with them at the end of the free trial and if you’re like me you probably will be with them for years to come.

Link: Aweber Autoresponder $1 Trail Offer

Online Training Trial Offers

Internet marketing training special offer. This trial offer is a full 2 month Gold Membership of a top Internet Marketing training program which includes excellent brand new weekly training modules. This trial is an absolute no-brainer fantastic deal at just £9.95 for the 2 months. There’s an online forum where you get answers to all your marketing questions. You also get to keep 5 great free bonuses just for taking the trial. Find out more by clicking the link below:

Link: Internet marketing training trial offer

Free Internet Marketing Webinar

Fianlly a link to a great completely free internet marketing training webinar. This training is by two of the UK’s top internet marketers and well worth attending.

Link: Free internet marketing training webinar

Internet marketing trial offers, like other special offers, change frequently. All the above offers were correct at the time of writing but are subject to change. I will update this article with the latest offers so do check back frequently. Also if you spot a great deal on Internet Marketing product or service please share it by posting details in the comments section below.

David Francis

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Sports Niche Market

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Sports Niche Market

Sports Niche Market

The London Olympic Games and Paralympics inspired me in so many ways. I was lucky enough to be in the Olympic stadium when Hussein Bolt won the 100 meters race. It was a truly inspiring moment.

One of the things that the Olympics also did was to make me look at opportunities in the sports niche market.

Probably the best advice you can have about choosing a niche market is to find something that people are irrationally passionate about. Sport is certainly something that many people are passionate about and also something that they are prepared to spend lots of money on.

Money in the Sports Niche

People travelled from all over the world to watch the London Olympics. Tickets for most events ranged from $30-$1000. It cost me over $400 to take my family to watch one Olympic event. I would happily have bought tickets to more events but they were all sold out. Some people paid over $1000 for a single ticket to one event. People spent many thousands of dollars in travel and accommodation to visit the London Olympics. Think of all the money spent on season tickets, sports equipment and clothing.


Clearly sport qualifies as an irrationally passionate market. But the major sports are also highly competitive markets. I do have friends making very good money in highly competitive sports markets such as golf. But these major sports markets are simply too competitive unless you have the experience and resources. One answer is to find smaller sports that are likely to be less competitive.

Sports niche opportunities

The Olympics opened my eyes to niche sport markets that I had never even heard of.

In Olympic cycling for example I’d never heard of the Keirin Race, or the Omnium race. Had you?

Cycling is a niche that is rapidly growing, and here are two sub niches that could have fantastic potential.

Other Olympic sports that caught my eye included Dressage, BMX and Rhythmic gymnastics. There are some fantastic opportunities here for a niche market business. For example you could start a site providing information and costumes for Rhythmic gymnastics, or about BMX techniques, tricks and bikes.

Unusual Olympic Sports


Synchronized swimming

Rhythmic gymnastics

Table tennis





Discontinued Olympic sports

There are a number of interesting sport that used to be Olympic events. For example Tug-of-war, Jeu de paume, Rope climbing and Roque.

Up and coming Sports

Roller skating and even Pole-dancing appeared in the search results when I looked at up and coming sports that might be considered as events for future Olympic Games.

Unusual Sports

The following is a list of less well known sports, any one of which could be the start of a great online business:

Ball badminton

Beach basketball



Clout archery

Deaf basketball


Field archery


Flight archery

Footbag net

Football tennis






Newcomb ball



Sepak takraw



Target archery


Water basketball

Wheelchair basketball

Sports Niche Market Action

I hope that this article has sparked your interest in the sports niche.

If it has your next step is to research and find a few niche sports that interest you.

Once you’ve identified the sports you’re interested look at the competition in those markets.

Then look at what products and services you could provide. This could range from equipment and uniforms to instructional guides or memorabilia. This should give you a solid basis on which to build your online sports business.

Please add your comments and questions below.

David Francis

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